Where is the first pin of external hard drive board and FLASH flash memory tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-26 20:20

  Nowadays, many friends will make their own DIY external hard drive, buy the external hard drive create a windows 8 1 recovery usb main control board and make some ssd flash memory into external hard drive, or buy better flash memory create a windows recovery disk on usb of mlc or slc to make external hard drive, but many friends do not know the external hard drive board create a windows recovery usb flash disk And where is the first pin of the FLASH flash memory, and I don't know in what direction the flash create a windows recovery usb on mac memory should be soldered to the main control board of the external hard drive. Here are a few create a windows recovery usb windows 7 different main control boards and flash memory to introduce you to the location of the first pin.

  1. create an hp bios recovery usb flash The first pin position of Flash memory in different packages

  1. Look at the black dots on the front create bootable usb acronis backup recovery 10 of Flash (TSOP package and BGA package);

  The corner marked with a small dot is the position of create bootable usb acronis backup recovery 11.5 the first foot, as shown in the figure:

  However, everyone should pay attention to a situation, that create bootable usb drive for disk recovery is, there are many flashes with more than one dot on the surface, but generally the smaller dot is create bootable usb from dell recovery partition the first pin position.!As shown below:

  2,?One corner marked with a solid triangle layer on the create bootable usb from hp recovery disk front of the Flash is the first pin position (usually appearing in the Flash of the BGA package)

  3. create bootable usb from recovery partition mac One corner of the Flash pad surface marked with a solid triangle layer metal layer is the first pin create bootable usb recovery windows 8 1 position (usually appearing in the Flash of the BGA package);

  I believe there are more special Flash create bootable usb windows 7 recovery disk pin marks, which will be added gradually in the future, as long as you observe more, no matter create bootable usb windows xp recovery console which kind of mark can be correctly identified;

  Second, the first pin position of the semi-finished create chrome recovery for usb on windoiws pad of the PCB main control board

  1. The first pin position of the PCB board TSOP48 package pad

   create custom recovery partition windows 10 usb The first type: mark the position of the hollow dot as the first foot;

  It should be noted that the create hp bios recovery usb flash drive hollow circles on many PCB boards are not clearly marked, so you must look carefully;

  The second create install usb yosemite on recovery partition type: label the rectangular frame with a gap, place the gap to the left, and the bottom of the gap, create mac os recovery usb on windows that is, the lower left corner of the rectangular frame, is the first pin; it may be a bit difficult create mac os x lion recovery usb to understand, but after reading it, you will understand it naturally;

  2. The position of the first create mac recovery hd on usb mojave pin of the PCB board BGA pad;

  The first type: missing corner mark, the PCB board pad surface is create ni linux rt recovery usb drive generally printed with a rectangular box, a corner of the rectangular box will be cut off or marked create os x el capitan recovery usb as a triangle, this corner is the first pin of the BGA pad; the following figure:?

  Because there create os x recovery usb on windows are many lines printed on the PCB board, this kind of logo will be mixed with other lines and it is create password recovery usb windows 8 1 not very clear, so you must be careful to see it;

  The second type: special signs, some PCB boards create recovery disc on external hard drive are printed with their own special signs, for example, there is an IS903 board with a switch, and the create recovery disk from recovery partition usb position of the first pin of the BGA is marked with a small vertical line, as shown in the figure create recovery disk windows 8 1 usb below;

  This kind of mark is very inconspicuous, but as long as you look closely, you will find that create recovery media on external hard drive it is different from the other four corners, so this foot is generally the first foot;

  For us to create recovery partition on external hard drive make a external drive, the first pin is very important. It indicates the direction of the location create recovery usb flash drive option missing where we solder the flash memory to the main control board, so we also need to check where the first create recovery usb flash drive windows 7 pin is before soldering. , So that it is not easy to make mistakes, otherwise it will be troublesome create recovery usb for mac on windows to do the welding mistakes again.