Anguo SC908SN chip bad block multiflash external hard drive mass production repair tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-26 20:00

  The 64G external drive bought by TB last year, when disassembled, it is the main control of Anguo recover files from formatted hard drive windows 7 free + SanDisk's 064G flash memory. After an abnormal operation, it crashed, and the road to mass production recover files from hard drive bad system config info began.

  This chip was released after April 2014 (I downloaded the Anguo AU698X MP v14.08.12.Version recover files from hard drive needs to be formatted 00) The model only recognized is SDTNQGDMA-064G X1

  The chipgenius tool detects that the flash recover files from hard drive omn s fdiffernt computer memory is SDTNQGDMA-064G 8K, 1CE, and the main control is Anguo SC908SN/AU6989SN.

  Although this recover files from hard drive plugged in via usb chip is on the support list of Anguo, it was automatically identified and prompted that it was not recover files from hard drive that won t boot supported for mass production, and then tried to use other 64G chip models for mass production. The recover files from hard drive to windows 8 1 process was not shown during the period, and the proof was all kinds of pain. The low format varies recover files from laptop hard drive wont show files from 4-6 hours at a time, most of which indicate that there are too many bad blocks, and can't be recover files from recycle bin on external hard drive mass-produced. During the period, SDTNPQDHEM-064G was used to open a capacity of 8G, and the number of recover files from unallocated usb site forums tomshardware com bad blocks was 7/8, which is weird. Capacity

  Later, I saw a helpless post saying that SanDisk's 1CE recover files from usb drive infected by shortcut virus was internally recognized by multiple CEs, so referring to his method, the CE2, 3, and 4 tube corners recover files from usb drive infected with shortcut virus of the main control chip were picked up, and the CE1234 on the PCB was connected to the main recover files off external hard drive with test disk control. CE1, continue to use SDTNPQDHEM-064G parameters to open the card

  After a long wait, it is recover files on a external hard drive without formatting finally over, but the capacity opened this time is 32G,,, the number of bad blocks is half,,,,

  So far, recover files on ssd hard drive require admin permissions there is no way to do this, this is the best result;

  Therefore, when you buy an external hard recover gs5 active with out screen and usb debugging drive controlled by Anguo, especially large-capacity, you must be wary of data loss, because the external recover hard drive accidentally reformatted from ntfs to ext4 hard drive for expansion is thrown away, and the external hard drive of Anguo's master generally recover hard drive data from 1 year yahoo answers uses relatively poor flash memory. This kind of flash memory A large number of bad blocks are most recover hard drive data with messed up operating system likely to occur. Even if the bad blocks are mass-produced, only a part of the capacity can be recovered. recover hard drive files with a sat ato usb The broken parts can't be mass-produced. Anyway, external hard drive is a thing, you get what recover hard drive permission i o device error raw you pay for, cut it Don't be greedy for cheap.