Lenovo 945gc bios cant find the external hard drive what should I do [Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-26 19:20

  A friend encountered a very special problem, that is, its computer motherboard is Lenovo 945gc, and snow leopard usb recovery on windows a the strange thing is that the USB boot and IDE port of this motherboard are both disabled by default, software hard drive recovery disk spins which causes not only the USB to fail to boot by default, The ide hard disk can't start, which software recovery data external hard disk means if you want to install the system with a external drive or enter winpe for maintenance, you can't software to fix usb flash drive start it successfully, so what should you do to solve it? In fact, you need one more setting step software to recover faulty hard drive to be OK.

  Look at the picture below. By default, you can't find the word USB startup in the BIOS software to recover unreadable hard drive startup settings.

  By default, only the following items are included:

  In hard disk drives, there software to recover unrecognized hard drive are only USB-hdd or USB-zip bootable external hard drives that the hard disk does not recognize at software to recover usb files free all.

  The above picture is the setting interface of 1st startup in bios;

  As shown above, only SATA software to recover wiped hard drive hard disk can be selected.

  If it is an ordinary motherboard, the above settings are completely OK, software to retrieve files from usb and you can naturally find USB-related startup options in the 1st startup, and this motherboard solid state drive hardware recovery tool needs to go to the Integrated Peripherals option in the bios to turn on the usb switch, as shown in the solid state hard drive data recovery following figure:

  The picture above may not belong to this motherboard. You can set it according sony data recovery without usb debugging to your own motherboard.

  Set all the words with usb to Enabled. This word means to open, and all sony external hard disk recovery software the ones that were closed before are open. Anyway, try this Integrated Peripherals setting interface, sony external hard drive recovery software and change everything related to usb.Then go to the previous boot setting interface to find BOOT sony recovery disk new hard drive DEVICE, set your external hard drive such as usb-hdd as the first boot and it will be OK.