USB flash drive deleted data recovery in Windows 11 [technology list].

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Windows 11 10 usb flash drive (USB) data recovery mainly includes: abnormal unplugging caused by (prompt to format, file loss) various problems, mistakenly deleted, mistakenly formatted, virus damage, the emergence of physical bad sectors, etc. usb flash drive (USB) recovery rate depends on whether the usb flash drive (USB) is recognized, the usb flash drive (USB) data recovery rate is very high. If usb flash drive is not recognized, data recovery is very difficult, other cases usb flash drive (USB) data recovery success rate is very high.

  Common types of usb flash drive failure.

  ● Insert the usb flash drive and the disk symbol appears, but the disk cannot be opened, double-click the disk symbol to prompt "Please insert the disk into the drive".


  ●Mistakenly deleted

  ●Mistakenly formatted

  The disk is not recognized

  CRC error

  Once you encounter a data crisis, it is important to maintain a calm and unhurried mindset, otherwise you are likely to cause more damage and irreparable damage. Before seeking help from usb flash drive data recovery service providers, we suggest that you try some conventional remedies on your own. But all this must be based on reasonable operation, otherwise it may also cause secondary damage to the data.

  usb flash drive (flash drive) data recovery software.

  Usually the software used for general data recovery can simply perform the work of usb flash drive (USB) data recovery, for example: easy recovery, fianl data, recovery 4 all, etc.

  How to recover usb flash drive (USB) data.

  The specific method of usb flash drive data recovery is not elaborated here, you can look for the above mentioned regular data recovery software on the search engine and refer to its specific usage for data recovery work.

  usb flash drive (flash drive) repair common software mainly: Mformat, Uformat, USBoot, etc., the specific software download address, please look for yourself on the network, good luck.

  usb flash drive (flash drive) data repair experience.

  The following on your friends are very concerned about a technology that is also very difficult to learn to make a simple introduction to you, many friends consulted us want to understand the usb flash drive (USB) data recovery methods, the following summary of the methods to do to introduce to meet the maintenance staff without professional data recovery equipment reference: many people have encountered the request for data recovery customers, but they do not have a clear method, the following examples of the usb flash drive (USB) data recovery specific several methods to explain.

  Case 1: A customer requested a data recovery capacity of 256m for usb flash drive, the customer brought the usb flash drive into the computer without any reflection! Because the internal cad drawings used in the project is very important

  1, disassemble the usb flash drive (flash drive) because it is packaged as one, the customer requested as long as the data, so the shell does not have to be considered, after disassembly, the reverse now the main control using i5062 program is as follows.

  (1) power supply: check the vcc main power supply voltage is normal (vcc = 3v power supply is the key voltage whether the usb flash drive work)

  (2) clock: by measuring the clock crystal pin voltage of about 0.8v, the initial judgment of the clock circuit is normal, using the replacement method to replace the crystal failure remains (the clock signal is the inevitable condition of the main control work) _vgtm& v

  (3) communication: through the measurement of the above two points, the initial judgment of the power supply and clock are normal, the main check whether the communication line is normal, check and d- to the main control line is also normal!

  (4) through the measurement of the above points, you can initially determine the working conditions of the master control all have, the rest is the master control problem. I believe that we will replace the master to achieve the purpose of data recovery, but we tell you with years of experience, wrong, because the usb flash drive master control chip internal control program, when replacing a new master is not to identify the control of the flash, you must go through the initial production tool to make the only way, but this will destroy the internal storage of flash low frame! data! According to our years of experience, most of the damage to the main control is due to the internal dc-dc converter leakage, so that the internal power supply voltage to the main control is low, causing the situation does not work, the solution is as follows.

  The usb flash drive (flash drive) 3v voltage regulator removed, the 3v output connected to an external adjustable power supply to adjust the voltage to 3v, in the way of 0.1v each time to increase the voltage, when the usb flash drive can be identified normally stop adding voltage, so that the usb flash drive data can be read out. The principle is that the normal vcc=3v voltage cannot meet the work of the main control because of the leakage of the internal dc-dc converter, and then the supply voltage can be artificially adjusted to compensate for the leakage loss! When I adjust the voltage to 3.4v when the computer can be recognized normally, quickly copy the data in the usb flash drive to save, 800 yuan in hand, simple, right, oh, technology is the first production power is right!

  Case 2: a customer brought usb flash drive (USB), the internal annual report of the factory, because to a number of repair departments are not bold to take this work, so the customer directly offered 1000 yuan, requesting the overall recovery of data, usb flash drive phenomenon can be recognized disk, but open prompt "please format usb flash drive (USB) flash drive (USB)"! For the sub-problem I believe we all feel very tricky, because we can completely determine that there is no problem with the usb flash drive hardware, most of them are software problems, but can not format the usb flash drive, how to do? Specific solutions.

  Our engineers first remove the flash from the usb flash drive to protect the data, re-install a flash of the same model, access to the computer still prompts the need to format, because there is no data in the new flash, after formatting can be normal access to data, but replace the flash with data will also prompt the need to format, so our method is not to install the flash to usb flash drive into the computer. After formatting the usb flash drive itself, we can see the capacity of 16kb in the properties, load the flash with data, access the computer, and the system reads out the internal data without prompting formatting! For members who want to learn how to repair the usb flash drive, you can refer to the "final usb flash drive repair ideas and methods" written some time ago to give solutions, the success rate can reach 100%! Success rate can reach 100%! Practice has proven that the rate of damage to the main control and flash of the usb flash drive is really very low!

  To answer the following questions:

  1, usb flash drive (flash drive) power supply is 3v?

  This according to the model of the main control is distinguished, some 2v, 3v, 3.3v, this should be judged in practice, you can also use the above mentioned with an external adjustable power supply to adjust the experiment, the initial voltage can be used 1v and then 0.1v to adjust up!

  2, with the programmer whether the purpose of data recovery can be achieved?

  The answer is clear, but one is the higher cost of the programmer general maintenance store can not afford, two because the programmer directly read the flash data signal, that is, 0 and 1, to restore the original data must be converted to data, and different files are not the same way of conversion, such as word documents and rar file data encoding is also different, so the method I have informed than the programmer to It is much more convenient and economical than a programmer!

  Voice recorder data recovery is mainly to help customers recover various sound data, data, etc. recorded in the voice recorder. Usually users find themselves in the recorder data loss should not engage in any data storage operations or use the so-called data recovery software online for data recovery, which may bring devastating damage and cause permanent loss of data or information.

  The Windows 11 usb flash drive deleted data recovery technology list.