Windows 11 installation stuck while updating the registry settings the real solution[Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-26 18:30

  If you encounter a newer computer installed with win7 and the system is stuck in the update registry recover hard drive tricaster tcxd850 hard drive setting interface, it should be that you have the following behavior:

  1. Your external drive is recover hard drive water damage macbook air made into a external drive that supports UEFI boot, and you enter winpe from uefi to start the recover hidden files from external hard drive external drive, and do the mbr system partition and restore ghost system under uefi's pe; that is to say, recover hidden files from usb flash drive if you want To do traditional mbr+bios startup, you have to use a external hard drive that does not recover hidden files from virus infected usb support uefi startup to partition the system and return the original system.

  2 (mostly for this recover hidden files in external hard drive reason), you want to install win7 or the original iso mirroring system in ghost in the uefi+gpt recover hidden files in usb using cmd partition mode, and the others are all set up, but you did not open the csm option in the bios, because recover hidden files on external hard drive win7 64-bit is correct uefi does not fully support it, so this csm compatibility mode must be turned recover hidden files usb using command prompt on.

  So as long as you exclude these two reasons, the problem of win7 stuck in updating the registry recover hp external drive remove from case setting interface can be solved;

  Tip 1: CSM compatible module, some computers do not, you can recover image of wiped hard drive ftk find BIOS mode set to leagac support, and then find Boot priority set to uefi frist, this also means recover info from broken phone hard drive that csm is enabled under uefi.

  Tip 2: If the above method does not work, or you can't find any recover info from hard drive for free relevant setting options, then the computer you are using may not support UEFI booting Win7, you can recover info from old pc hard drive only change to bios+mbr traditional mode to install the win7 system.In fact, mbr mode is not worse recover information from a formatted hard drive than uefi mode in win7, it is recommended that you use uefi mode to install win8.1 64-bit or win10 recover information from broken external hard drive system can reflect its performance, it is best to use the iso original partition to be more professional, recover information from damaged hard drive mac and there is no compatibility problem.

  Let me introduce csm: what is CSM?Why CSM (Compatibility recover internet explorer bookmarks from hard drive Support Module) is very important?

  First of all, 32-bit Win7, original 64-bit Win7, 32-bit Win8 recover internet explorer favorites from hard drive need CSM support when running under UEFI, otherwise it will not be able to boot.

  Secondly, more than recover iphoto library from external hard drive 90% of discrete graphics cards do not support UEFI and can't boot using pure UEFI.

  In order to recover items deleted from external hard drive solve the above problems, the motherboard has specially formulated CSM Support, which can be turned recover itunes library after hard drive crash on to enable UEFI and use the independent display normally at the same time.

  Important supplement: recover itunes library from external hard drive 32-bit Win8 theoretically supports UEFI, provided that the UEFI Firmware must be 32bit.However, more recover jpeg files from formatted hard drive than 90% of the UEFI firmware of the motherboards currently on the market is 64bit, so in fact, 32- recover lost data external hard drive mac bit Win8 has a strong demand for CSM Support!

  Quoting Microsoft's official professional explanation recover lost data from a hard drive on CSM: Compatible with traditional BIOS.Some UEFI-based computers include a compatibility support recover lost data from damaged hard drive module (CSM) that emulates earlier BIOS, providing end users with greater flexibility and compatibility.To recover lost data from dead hard drive use CSM, secure boot must be disabled.

  Quoting the official Microsoft explanation on GPT: recover lost data from external hard disk Can Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 read, write, and boot from GPT disks?Yes, all recover lost data from external hard drive versions can use GPT partitioned disks for data. Booting is only supported for 64-bit editions on recover lost data from formatted hard drive UEFI-based systems.

  In other words, 32-bit Win7 does not support booting from GPT. In the actual test, recover lost data from formatting hard drive ASRock CSM supports 32-bit Win7 booting from MBR.