eMCP External phone flash memory changed to external hard drive to restore dataMaikewei MW6688 mass production[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-26 18:20

  eMCP mobile phone flash memory is actually our mobile phone memory, such as 32G, 64G, 128G refers windows 8 1 recovery usb not working to this, and the photos and videos in our mobile phone are stored in this memory, when our mobile windows 8 1 recovery usb safe mode phone is broken and can't be used, we want to restore it. The data inside can be used in this tutorial, windows 8 1 recovery usb stick download of course, it is still a bit technical, at least you have to have the utilitarian welding, and a windows 8 1 recovery usb stick erstellen welding tool such as a soldering iron air gun, if you have, then you can continue to read this windows 8 1 recovery usb won& 39 tutorial.

  1. First blow the eMCP flash memory from the mobile phone with an air gun, which looks like the windows 8 1 usb recovery drive download picture below, and then reball the flash memory.

  2. Then buy a Maike Micro MW6688 main control windows 8 1 usb recovery tool download board online, as shown below

  3. Then blow the flash memory of the eMCP mobile phone to the main windows 8 1 use usb recovery drive control board with an air gun

  4. Then it is mass production. Just use MW6688 as mass production tool. windows 8 64 bit recovery usb download Choose high format when mass production, don't choose low format.

  5. The eMMC is formatted as soon windows 8 can't creat recovery drive usb as the MW6688 chip is mass-produced, so the data will be cleared, but the advanced format is used, windows 8 not booting from recovery usb and all the chip data is not erased, so you only need to use the data recovery software that can windows 8 operating system for recovery usb restore the file system. Restore the original partition structure.

  Choose DiskGenius 4 here.9.5 or windows 8 password recovery tool bootable usb more professional version to recover data: because it supports EXT2 3 4 and other Linux partitions.

  windows 8 password recovery tool free usb  6. Save the EXT partition after using the Find Lost Partition function, and then save the partition windows 8 password recovery tool usb free table, so that your data will be retrieved.

  7. Then use Paragon ExtFS for Windows to directly mount windows 8 password recovery usb free microsoft the EXT4 partition to the computer, and you can directly see all the data of the original phone windows 8 recovery after hard drive crash on the win computer.

  Summary: If you have hands-on ability, this method has a very high success rate windows 8 recovery cd auf usb stick and low cost to restore data in a bad phone. Of course, you have to have relevant tools or find a windows 8 recovery disk download usb free repair shop to estimate that it will not cost much to weld well. In general, data is priceless, and windows 8 recovery disk iso to usb I also remind everyone that you don't use your mobile phone and don't throw it away, especially friends windows 8 recovery disk new hard drive who have private data, it will be miserable if the data is restored.