How to use Klonsoft LockDisk to create a virtual partition file with password tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-26 17:30

  If you need to use software to encrypt your files, and then put them in the external hard drive, free hard drive recovery software windows 10 the following software will meet your needs, so that even if the external hard drive is lost, other free hard drive recovery software windows 7 people will not be able to see the important files stored in it. Don't worry about leaking secrets.

  free hard drive recovery software windows 8  This software is that the volume of klonsoft LockDisk is 851KB, which should be said to be very free hard drive recovery software windows xp mini.The entire creation process after installation is very simple, and it is also very convenient to free large scal mac external harddrive recovery manage the files/folders in the virtual partition, which can be dragged and dropped like in Explorer. free linux hard drive data recovery software

  Although it is a virtual partition, it is actually just a file, and the current hard disk partition free mac external hard drive recovery software will not be divided, and you don't need to worry about the loss of hard disk data.

  Therefore, free mac recover data usb flash drive there is no limit to the number of creations. For windows, multiple virtual partitions are just a few free non destructive hard drive data recovery more files in the hard disk.

  First download the klonsoft LockDisk software, then open it directly, free online data recovery from hard drive the interface is as follows, because it is an English software, here is a tutorial:

  Here is how free online data recovery from usb drive to use klonsoft LockDisk to create a virtual partition:

  1. After running the software, click the " free online data recovery software for usb new" icon, and a window for creating a virtual partition will appear, click the "brown" icon in the free online external hard drive data recovery window, and select the virtual partition file save path.

  2. Enter the name of the virtual partition free online recover data usb flash drive file after "File name:", click Save, change the size of the virtual partition after "size of new free photo recovery from external hard drive volume (MB):" (default is 35M), enter the password twice, and click "create "volume" button can be free photo recovery from formatted hard drive created successfully.

  3. Enter the password just now in the pop-up window, and you can see a new free portable hard drive data recovery software partition in the klonsoft LockDisk window.

  If the text description is not clear enough, please refer free recover data from damaged hard drive to the screenshot of software No1.

  If you want to put files into the virtual partition, just drag free recover data from external hard drive and drop the files into the interface.When you drag and drop for the first time, the software will free recover deleted files on hard drive prompt you whether you want to format, you just need to operate like formatting a external hard free recover deleted photos from hard drive drive.

  The file/folder management is also very convenient. Since the right-click menu of the resource free recover deleted videos from android usb manager can be called, the right-click menu can be used for cutting, copying, compressing, and free recover files from external hard drive decompressing.

  By default, the software will automatically load the first virtual partition created after free recover files from formatted hard drive running. If you want to load other partitions, click "load more" in the file menu." menu item, free recovering programs from external hard drive select the virtual partition file and enter the password.

  Benefits of using klonsoft LockDisk to protect free recovery data from external hard drive data:

  1. Important information can be moved between different storage media, it will not be free recovery program for external hard drive stored in a fixed path like an encrypted folder, and there is no need to worry about leakage.

  2. After free recovery software for formatted external drive reinstalling the system, there is no need to worry about the file not being able to open (Do you free recovery tool for usb flash drive have similar painful memories with some folder encryption software you have used.)

  3. Higher free seagate hard drive data recovery software security.Multiple partitions can use different passwords, even if someone else obtains a password, they free software data recovery external hard disk can only open a certain virtual partition.

  4. The files stored in it are hard to be infected by free software istonsoft usb data recovery 2 viruses.

  The last thing to note is that if the virtual partition file you create exceeds 4G, then the free software recover data damaged hard drive partition where the file is located must be in NTFS format.If you put the partition files on the free software to fix usb flash drive external drive, then the main program of klonsoft LockDisk should also be placed on the external free software to recover crashed hard drive drive.