EMMC to SD card to make a memory card recovery data tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-26 16:50

  The memory in our mobile phone is generally EMMC, and if the mobile phone is broken, you need the windows 8.1 recovery usb for another pc method here to restore the data in the mobile phone's memory. The core is to blow the emmc down with windows 8.1 recovery usb ntfs or fat32 a wind gun, and then use a flying line to connect to the SD Card sleeve, so that it can be recognized windows 8.1 recovery with usb product key by the computer as a memory card to restore data, but there are several ways to package emmc, so windows advanced options boot from usb recover there are several ways to fly the line, I will teach you all below.

  1. Emmc mainly has several windows advanced options bot from usb recover common packages, bga153, bga162, and bga169. The pin definition diagrams are given below:

  Definition windows app to recover formatted hard drive of bga153:

  Definition of bga162:

  Definition of bga169:

  Definition of bga153:

  2. The following windows automated system recovery disk xp usb is the wiring of the emmc connection to the SD card sleeve:

  SD card mode mainly uses 4-wire windows build 1809 system recovery usb file communication mode

  There are a total of 8 wires that need to be connected:

  1. DAT2 connects to emmc windows data recovery software external hard drive DAT2

  2. Connect DAT3 to emmc DAT3

  3. Connect CMD to emmc cmd

  4. Connect VDD to emmc VDD and windows error recovery on external hard drive VDDF (find one for each of VDD and VDDF. For some emmc data, write VCC and VCCQ)

  5. Connect CLK to windows file recovery from free live usb emmc clk

  6. Connect VSS to emmc's VSS (just find one)

  7. Connect DAT0 to DAT0 of emmc

  8. Connect windows hard drive recovery tool how to DAT1 to DAT1 of emmc

  3. The following is the specific connection diagram:

  1. Pin connection of windows password recovery tool 3 0 usb emmc to big sd card

  2. Emmc to tf card pin connection

  Summary: After the production is completed, windows password recovery tool ultimate iso usb the SD card can be recognized by directly plugging it into the computer, but because the file windows password recovery tool usb free download system in the phone memory is linux, it is generally recognized as raw format. At this time, do not windows password recovery tool usb iso free format into the fat32 partition of Windows, but use diskgenius To restore the data.