Yincan mass production tool does not recognize external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

41 2021-08-26 16:30

  A silver external drive was tested on the chip to be the master of IS903, but many versions of the convert hp recovery dvd to usb 903 mass production tool were not recognized, but the information can be correctly identified on convert lenovo recovery dvd to usb Chipgenius.

  The mass production tool is tested on someone else's computer, and it can be correctly convert recovery cd to bootable usb identified, or the external drive can be mass produced, but the mass production tool on my machine convert toshiba recovery dvd to usb can't identify it.It can't be recognized even after changing other 903 main control boards.

  It seems copied hard drive shows only recover that only 903 can't be recognized. SK6221, IS902E, IS916, IS917 are all normal.

  What is going on, copied hard drive shows only recovery in fact, such problems are generally caused by the system, so we can try another computer. If there copy acer recovery partition to usb is no other computer around, we can use the following method to solve it.

  Solution: Install the copy asus recovery partition to usb virtual machine VMware on the computer and copy the mass production tools to the virtual machine

  Right-click copy bitlocker recovery key to usb the settings on the virtual machine, and click Add in the pop-up window

  Select the USB copy dell recovery partition to usb controller, click Next

  Then select the USB controller properties as needed, the default is 2.0, it copy hidden recovery partition to usb is recommended not to change, just click to finish

  Then click to open this virtual machine

  Take copy hp recovery disk to usb IS903 master as an example

  After booting up, right-click on the USB controller in the lower right copy hp recovery partition to usb corner and select connect

  Then open the mass production tool

  Successful and perfect recognition! copy lenovo recovery disk to usb I just made the ISO of this external drive, so I won't re-produce it.

  The actual test is successful!No copy lenovo recovery partition to usb screenshots at the time.

  It is recommended to install the virtual machine with the MSDN version copy mac recovery partition to usb of the system, WIN7, WIN8 can be used, I now use WIN8

  WIN10 and other systems are self-tested

  copy osx recovery partition to usb  It is not recommended to use Ghost one-click installation version of the system, because the driver copy recovery cd to usb drive will be lost.

  By the way, after installing the virtual machine, remember to install VMWareTools, copy recovery disk to usb drive otherwise the driver will not be recognized

  Installation method, click the virtual machine, install copy recovery drive usb onto harddrive VMwareTools, because my virtual machine has already been installed, so it will show to update copy recovery partition on hard drive VMwareTools or reinstall VMwareTools.

  If it is not installed, it will display the installation of copy recovery partition to bootable usb VMwareTools

  I won't teach you how to install VMware and install the system on VMware. There are many copy recovery partition to external hd online tutorials.

  Although it is more troublesome, it can be regarded as a relatively safe solution. copy recovery partition to usb cmd In addition, the virtual machine can also be installed with the xp system, which is safer and has copy recovery partition to usb hp a higher success rate for the mass production of some master external hard drives.