How to solve Anguo external hard drive mass production prompts that the file system creation failed tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-26 16:00

  A junk external drive failed recently and the external drive could not be opened, so I thought of use recovery drive windows 10 on another pc usb mass production to repair it, and used chipgenius to detect the master control, so I opened the use usb recovery drive to reset pc from cmd external drive to see that it was the Anguo AU6989SN-GTB master control, and the flash memory was the use win 7 recovery disk on new hard drive sea. Lux hyinx TLC black film, as shown below:

  According to the main control Anguo AU6989SN, the mass use windows 10 recovery usb on windows 8 computer production tool was found. The first download is the latest version of "Anguo ALCORMP v16.03.25.00 used recovery usb says its not right for computer external hard drive mass production tool Chinese version", mass production failed.

  Prompt "91F00: using linux to recover windows files off a harddrive Failed to create file system" during mass production. This is true for many times of trial and using recovery discs windows 7 with external dvd drive error.

  According to experience, I thought that the version of the mass production tool was wrong, so I using sans forensics to recover data on hard drive found a slightly older version: 15.09.15.Version 00, the result is the same.Someone said to increase using ubuntu to recover files from external hard drive the ECC, so the low format setting has already opened the ECC to 10. If it is set below 5, it will using usb keyboard with macbook during recovery to type prompt "too many bad blocks".So the key to the problem may be that there are too many bad blocks to using windows 10 recovery usb to fix lost partition pass the mass production tool.

  So after countless failures and repeated debugging, the mass vaio duo 13 wont boot from usb recovery medi a production was finally successful: the mass production tool used "Anguo AU6989SN/SNL mass production tool veritas system recovery 2013 r2 recovery disk on usb MP v15.09.15.Version 00" download it and use it. When setting up mass production, the key point is virtual hard disk resiliency failed to recover the drive to select "Half Capacity Detection", and ECC is set to "10", as shown in the following figure:

  The w7 using recovery discs for a new hard drive following picture is a screenshot of the successful mass production, the long-lost green interface: wait to recover data from hard drive cant afford

  Then it took nearly 4 hours to mass-produce the world and detect 144 bad blocks before it succeeded. wait to recover data from hard drive can't afford Everyone must be patient.

  After the mass production is successful, the external hard drive is ways to retrieve files frkm a desktop hard drive normal, and then the integrity test with the urwtest software has passed the test, but the speed is wd backup does not see external drive for recovery really rubbish: read 17M/S, write 5M/S .

  But finally mass production was successful, and I didn't wd external hard disk data recovery software free download waste so long time to toss. The summary is to try a few more versions of mass production tools, and wd hard drive makes noise but raw driver recover if there are too many bad blocks, change the mass production setting ECC to 10, and choose a low-level wd my book 1tb external hard drive data recovery scanning method. Format, and choose half capacity for low format detection method, I wish you all wd my passport 1tb external hard disk data recovery success in mass production.