Why is the speed still slow after changing the SSD solid state drive [Win11 Solutions]

38 2021-08-26 15:50

  The New Year of the Horse is here, hardware fan Xiao Jie takes the New Year's money to buy a long- mac os x recovery usb on windows awaited SSD solid state drive.After several rounds of auditions, Xiao Jiao chose a powerful solid mac os x windows 10 recovery usb state drive, but his troubles soon came. The SSD solid state drive was not as fast as expected. What mac recover boot camp hard drive space went wrong.Today we will uncover the secret of the slow speed of SSD for Xiao囧.

  Why is the speed of mac recover data from damaged hard drive installing solid-state hard drives slow.

  As we all know, hard disk is the bottleneck of computer mac recover data from formatted hard drive performance, and hard disk is the core hardware of computer operating system and data storage.SSD mac recovery files to install from usb further brings innovative features, it can improve the overall performance of the computer and bring a mac recovery hard drive not showing up new user experience.

  Bucket effect hard drive has become the target of public criticism

  Friends mac recovery mode copy files to usb who have used SSDs have this feeling: After using SSDs on their computers, they never want to change mac safe mode to recover external drive back to HDDs.Users don't need to spend a lot of money to upgrade the CPU or memory, just replace mac software to create bootable recovery usb the SSD, you can easily greatly improve the computer performance.

  Based on these characteristics, macbook air 10 6 recovery usb drive we can understand why the speed of SSD is slow, and it is easy for users to detect it.!Especially when macbook air internet recovery no hard drive they are under the test software, the "true culprit" will soon be revealed.

  Next, the author will macbook air usb boot internet recovery solution tell users what kind of small mistakes will make the SSD solid state drive slow down.We first talk macbook live usb recovery from windows 10 about the impact of 4K alignment on performance.The reason why the 4K alignment problem has been macbook pro boot recover locked hard drive paid attention to by users originated from the Micron M4.Its read and write speed is so fast that 4K macbook pro hard drive crash data recovery alignment problems can be judged.

  4K misalignment can affect the overall situation

  We use Micron macbook pro hard drive failure data recovery M4 128GB SSD and AS SSD software to conduct 4K alignment experiments.The author uses the partition macbook pro internet recovery new hard drive software, selects 32K bytes, and then manually adjusts the "unit size" to 31K, this SSD can't be aligned macbook pro new hard drive internet recovery with 4K immediately.

  Note that the green item 31K above the capacity in the upper left corner- macos crashed hard drive data recovery software BAD is not aligned

  Note that the green item 1024K above the capacity in the upper left corner-OK made usb recovery now need it signed is aligned

  We compare 4K misaligned and aligned Micron M4 128GB SSDs. The read/write speed gap between make a bootable windows 7 recovery usb them is 100-200MB/s.Among them, the biggest difference is the 4K-64Thrd performance comparison, make a mac os x recovery usb that is, in the 4K byte-64 queue depth mode, the performance of a 128GB SSD of a certain brand with make a mac recovery usb on windows 4K misalignment is terrible.

  Comment: 4K alignment originated from the expansion of storage capacity make a recovery boot usb windows 7 by hard disk manufacturers, and manufacturers paid a huge price for this.In the era of Win XP, it make a recovery usb for dell 7350 is a nightmare for users to operate the hard drive for 4K alignment.!With the advent of the Win7 make a recovery usb for surface 2 era, 4K alignment problems are easily solved.Users only need to delete the hard disk partition, make a system recovery usb windows 7 re-partition/format.

  The birth of SATA hard disks is not only because the data cable becomes smaller, but make a usb recovery disk windows 10 the most important thing is the application of NCQ technology.NCQ is similar to the CPU's hyper-threading make a usb recovery disk windows 7 technology, it can take advantage of the idle performance of SATA hard drives.Of course, the make a usb windows 10 recovery disk mechanical hard disk is slow, and I don't see how powerful NCQ is, but if there is, NCQ is just make a windows 10 bootable recovery usb 13th.

  So how to use NCQ, the user only needs to set the hard disk mode to AHCI in the computer BIOS.And make a windows 10 password recovery usb the confusion lies here.

  Disk mode error SSD can slow down 40%

  The IDE interface once dominated make a windows 10 recovery usb drive the hard disk market before the rise of the SATA interface in 2003. At present, new motherboards make a windows 10 recovery usb lenovo are no longer equipped with IDE interfaces, but motherboard manufacturers dare not take the IDE make a windows 10 recovery usb online interface devices lightly and keep the IDE mode in the BIOS.This move can be described as endless make a windows 7 recovery usb drive troubles!Causes great distress to users and hard disk manufacturers.

  The IDE mode of the motherboard has make a windows 8 1 recovery usb very strong compatibility, taking all IDE and SATA interface devices, so the computer city installers make asus laptop recovery usb from dvd generally choose the IDE mode as the first choice.However, the traditional IDE mode can no longer make asus rog recovery usb from dvd meet the new features and performance breakthrough requirements of solid state drives, and the working make bootable recovery usb foracbook kn windows performance of SSDs in IDE mode has severely degraded.

  IDE mode results of Plextor 128GB SSD

  make bootable recovery usb windows 8 1  AHCI mode results of Plextor M5S 128GB SSD

  We compare the AHCI and IDE mode results of the Plextor make bootable usb from dell recovery partition M5S 128GB SSD. The performance gap between the two is quite astonishing. This phenomenon has a make bootable usb from mac recovery partition similar effect to 4K misalignment.

  AHCI disk mode is born for SATA serial interface, its full name is make bootable usb from recovery partition mac "Serial ATA Advanced Master Control Interface/Advanced Host Controller Interface".It can give full make mac os recovery usb on windows play to the unique NCQ technology of the SATA interface and tap the performance of SATA hard drives. make usb recovery disk for windows 10

  Demystified: Since AHCI is so strong, why are computer city installers so unwelcome?It turns out make usb recovery disk from damaged hdd that the AHCI mode is not compatible. When the AHCI mode is switched to IDE mode, the original equipment make usb system recovery disk windows 7 is not compatible, resulting in a blue screen of death of the operating system.Or we can say make use of win 10 recovery usb that AHCI is the deadly opponent of IDE mode.

  The new AMD/Intel Z87 motherboards are all SATA3.0 make win 10 recovery usb in win7 interface, netizens are right no matter which interface is plugged in.But early Intel motherboards are make windows 10 recovery disk not usb different. For example, Z77/H77 motherboards only partially have SATA3.0 interface, the rest are all make windows 10 recovery usb after crash SATA2.0 interface, this can be bad for netizens who don't know the motherboard.

  SATA2/3 interface make windows 10 recovery usb from iso encounters "speed wall" differently

  You know, SATA2.0 The interface rate is only 300MB/s; SATA3.0 make windows 10 recovery usb on mac The interface rate is doubled, so that higher-performance products can take advantage of.If you think make windows 7 recovery usb on mac it is connected to SATA3.0 interface can still play a speed of 600MB/s, then you are wrong, SSD make windows 8 usb recovery usb bootable performance meets the "speed wall"!