BOOTICE for how to repair BCD boot configuration file tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

39 2021-08-26 15:30

  If the BCD boot configuration file is damaged, it can't be started. At this time, we need to use recover usb flash drive no media command line tools to repair, but the better one is the BOOTICE tool. The following will teach you how to use it recover usb please insert a disk into drive to repair bcd, usually under winpe.

  1.Download bootice

  2.Download DISKGENIUS (extract UEFI boot recover usb stick that wants to be formatted files, this option is not required for non-UEFI mode)

  1.Open diskgenius to extract ESPEFIMicrosoftBootBCD recover used space on hard drive after shredding (this step is not required for non-UEFI mode)

  Note: vhd mode, bcd files are in hidden recover using seagate toolkit on bad hard drive files.

  Right-click the selected file and copy it to the desktop

  2.Open BOOTICE, BCD editing tab, other recover vaio laptop to a new hard drive BCD files,

  If it is in UEFI mode, open the BCD file just extracted

  In non-UEFI mode, open recover video files from hard drive open source X:BOOTBCD (X is the USB drive letter)

  3.Click Advanced Edit Mode

  Windows Boot Manager on the left

   recover videos off a wiped hard drive jeffry Double-click ApplicationDevice on the right

  If the Windows To Go system uses UEFI to boot, select recover videos wiped from hard drive on mac the ESP partition or the NTFS partition where the system files are stored here

  Non-UEFI boot, select recover windows 10 from usb on samsung laptop NTFS partition to store system files

  4.WINDOWS 10 on the left

  ApplicationDevice on the right

recover windows 10 from usb without losing anything   Double-click to edit. Note here that if you use VHD(X) mode to make WTG, this item should point to recover windows 10 key from dead hard drive VHD(X) file. For traditional mode, it points to the NTFS partition where system files are stored in recover windows 10 license key from hard drive the external drive.

  5.If it is in UEFI mode, replace the edited file with diskgenius.(Right click, recover windows 10 product key from hard drive copy files to the current partition)

  There must be a prompt when replacing, just click to recover windows 7 product key from external drive replace.

  At this point, it is completely repaired. See if there is no problem with booting. Especially recover windows 7 product key from hard drive for systems such as WTG external hard drives, it is easy to cause boot file errors due to device recover windows 8 product key from hard drive reasons, so it is necessary to know how to repair it.