SandForce master solid state drive SF2241 vb2 card successful experience[Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-26 15:00

  An ADATA SP900 128G solid state drive is broken, and I want to use the card opening software to cheapest western digital hard drive recovery cost repair it, and then I must know what the main control is, so I disassembled and looked at the main chrome os erase usb using recovery tool control chip of the SandForce SF2241 VB2. The flash did not understand , and finally I tried it out. , chrome os format usb using recovery tool MT29F128G08CFABBWP 20MLC Micron Micron.

  Then follow the SF2000 card opening tutorial on the mass chrome os missing or damaged recovery usb production network, the ssd controlled by SandForce needs to use the linux system, so download the chrome os recovery usb flash drive windows FEDORA20 linux system, and then download the sf2281 card opening software on the mass production chrome os recovery usb recovery in progress network.

  But the flash memory is always missing in the software of sf2281, and then I downloaded the chrome recovery usb stick download windows 8 version FW_PPRO_5_2_2_Release on the mass production network.release--0 firmware.

  Finally, I found chromebook goes black when recovery usb inserted that there are in the Configuration_Files folder in this software.0.driveconfig, but there is no dfp chromebook please insert a recovery usb stick file in this one, it is FW_PPRO_5_2_2_Release.release.0.ffp and FW_PPRO_5_2_2_Release.release.0.mfp, chromebook recovery tool make bootable linux usb follow the SF2000 card opening tutorial_V1.The operation in 4_1 can't open the card at all.

  The chromebook recovery usb stick or sd card first step in the operation is to use SF_OEM_PackageManager to generate the mpt file. In fact, chromebook recovery usb won't erase won't format FW_PPRO_5_2_2_Release.There is FW_PPRO_5_2_2_Release in the release--0 folder.release.0.mfp, therefore, chromebook recovery utility no usb drives found skip the first step and use SF_ConfigurationManager to open in the Configuration_Files folder.0.Save chromebook recovery utility not writing to usb the driveconfig file directly.

  I don't know if it's OK if you don't save as.Then start the burning cisco ise 2 2 password recovery usb process, look at my statement, -PROCESS_SSD 4:0:0:0 /home/hzq/SF/mpt/FW_PPRO_5_2_2_Release.release.0 clean install high sierra usb recovery mode .mfp /home/hzq/SF/.0.driveconfig log=/home/hzq/SF/mpt/SF-2241 VB2-SPSEHR12A50 1412.log,

  First, the clean install windows 10 from recovery usb 4:0:0:0 port is read out by lsscsi after plugging in the hard disk box. The back /home/ is where I cleanroom demo of hard drive data recovery store the files. Only the mfp file is used here, and the back /home/ is where I store it.0.The location clone dell hard drive with recovery partition of driveconfig, the last sentence is written in vain, I don't think that file exists, I think it clone gds2 on hard drive update recovery will be automatically generated.

  Then I started to execute this program. At the beginning, I kept clone recovery partition to new hard drive short-circuiting the rom and didn't release it. Then it failed at the formatting step and I couldn' clone recovery partition to usb windows 7 t find the reason, because my previous solid state kept entering the engineering mode when the card cmd command to recover files from usb was opened under windows. Yes, it will be OK after short-circuiting, plugging, and disconnecting.

   cmd command to retrieve files from usb At that time, I also considered whether the permissions were not enough, or a single file did not cmd command using a usb recover files have root, but later I found out that it was wrong.ROOT is necessary when you first enter. Su press cmd wipe hard drive from windows recovery Enter, enter the password and you will enter. The other single files do not need to be root at all.The cnet download recover a dead usb drive following is the code for successfully opening the card, for reference only:

  [hzq@localhost ~]$ coat to recover data from hard drive su

  [root@localhost hzq]# cd SF

  [root@localhost SF]# lsscsi

  [0:0:0:0] disk ATA SILICONMOTION SM command prompt recovering files from usb drive O122 /dev/sda

  [4:0:0:0] disk IT-CEO Storage 0204 /dev/sdb

  [root@localhost SF]# -PROCESS_SSD 4:0: command prompt to recover files from usb 0:0 /home/hzq/SF/mpt/FW_PPRO_5_2_2_Release.release.0.mfp /home/hzq/SF/.0.driveconfig log=/home/hzq/SF/mpt/SF-2241 command recover windows 7 hard drive failure VB2-SPSEHR12A50 1412.log