The external hard drive prompts Unable to complete formatting[Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-26 14:40

  The external drive prompts "Unable to complete formatting"

  In the process of using external drives, recover external hard drive not detected we often format the external drives due to various needs, such as mass production external drives, recover external hard drive not recognized such as making USB system boot disks, etc.However, sometimes the system will prompt "windows can' recover external hard drive not working t complete formatting".How to solve this problem?Let me tell you. USB home

  As shown in the figure recover external hard drive on mac above, the prompt window popped up by the editor when formatting the external drive. Generally, this recover external hard drive partition free problem is caused by the random removal and insertion of the external drive, the external drive is recover external hard drive time machine poisoned, and the external drive is occupied by other applications. Let's teach you how to solve the recover external hard drive trash mac problem. USB home

  Insert the external drive into the USB port of the computer, use 360 and other recover external hard drive western digital software to check the external drive. If there is a virus, the external drive will be disinfected recover external hard drive windows 10 first.After confirming that there is no heavy virus in the external drive, the windows button at the recover external hard drive without formatting bottom left of the computer screen, type cmd at the top and press the enter key to confirm, and the recover external hd data after reformat dos window as shown in the figure below will pop up.   external hard drive Home

  Then enter the "format recover failed external drive with crashplan X: /fs:fat32" command in the dos window. X refers to the drive letter assigned to the external recover file from usb drive mac drive when we insert the external drive. After the input is complete, press the Enter key to start.The recover file service broken hard drive formatting operation shown in the figure below requires us to reconfirm whether the drive is correct recover file system external hard drive when the formatting starts. We can press the enter key on the keyboard according to the prompts.

recover file system usb flash drive   The formatting process needs 5-10 to complete. When the formatting is complete, you need to press recover filed from inaccessible hard drive the Enter key again to continue the subsequent work. At that time, you need to pay attention to the recover files after format usb drive prompts on the screen to operate. external hard drive Home

  After teaching you how to deal with the recover files after formatting hard drive problem that the external hard drive can't be formatted, the editor would like to remind you that recover files after hard drive crash it is best not to pull out the external hard drive directly in daily use.Although the external drive recover files after hard drive failure supports hot-swappable function, it will affect the service life of the external drive for a long recover files after quick format usb time, and there are also hidden dangers to data security.

  The external drive prompts "Unable to recover files after reformat hard drive complete formatting":