Huirong SM2246en master solid state drive shortcircuit jumper card opening experience[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-26 14:00

  The solid state drive controlled by Huirong SM2246en is the best to open a card. It is basically totally free hard drive recovery software mac as simple as a external drive, so here I will share with you Huirong SM2246en's patch and card opening totally free photo recovery from external drive experience, which is mainly suitable for your own diy solid state drive. use.

  1. This picture is transcend external hard disk data recovery software the most important. Look carefully at the red mark. F1-f16 are the posting (location) of the flash transcend usb drive recovery software 3.0 1.5 memory chip, and ce1-ce16 are the on-off options of the resistor (the triangle symbol means don't transcend usb pen drive data recovery tool care)

  2. This picture shows that the chip must be symmetrically pasted except for single pasting, not transfer hp recovery partition new hard drive random pasting.

  3. For the board, just buy a Huirong SM2246en board of dozens of dollars from the transfer recovery mac to portable hard drive salted fish. The key is the jumper position, as shown in the figure below.

  4. Finished products transfer windows 7 recovery disk to usb with 8 2ce chips (i29f32b08mcmf2).Check the table in Figure 1 to know that the ce jumper must be ce1 trying to recover data from hard drive on, ce2 off, ce3 on, and ce4 off, no matter if it is on or off for other ce jumpers.In addition, turned external hard drive to recovery disk Intel and Micron chips have to remove the r23 resistor (tog).So I just moved the resistance on ce2 to ubunti recovery mode cant find usb fdisk ce1 to get it done.

  5. The above hardware is done, let's talk about software opening.

  If you open ubuntu live cd hard drive data recovery the card for the first time, if it is not a new chip but a disassembled chip, you must run rdt (run ubuntu recover data from crashed hard drive time bad) (meaning run for a period of time to test for bad blocks).

  The main difference from ubuntu recover data from encrypted hard drive normal card opening is downloan isp (firmware) where isp2246selftest is selected.After the bin (this ubuntu recover data from external hard drive is the firmware for running rdt) is turned on, unplug the phone charger from the computer and let it ubuntu recover deleted files from usb drive run for one or two hours. During this time, the lights on the board will flash, the main control will ubuntu recover files from damaged hard drive heat up, and the lights will not flash after one or two hours. The control is not hot, it means ubuntu recovery mode move files onto usb that the rdt has finished running, then plug in the computer and open the card again.

  download isp ubuntu usb boot windows 7 password recovery choose ips2246.Select reference run time bad in another pretest of the bin.

  Summary: The SSD with ubuntu usb not recognizing with chromebook recovery SM2246en chip is relatively easy to open the card, and there are many versions of the card opening uefi bootable usb acronis backup recovery 11 software. You can try more. It is a better choice for the main control board for your own diy solid unable to boot windows 10 recovery usb state drive.