Which kind of main control is good for the External external hard drive bo x[Win11 Solutions]

14 2021-08-26 13:30

  The main control of the mobile hard disk box is more commonly used ASM and Lanshuo and Ruifake, the hard drive smart predictive failure recovery usb main models are Lanshuo JMS578JMS567 main control and ASM1153EASM1053 and Ruifake ns1066, etc., hard drive to recovery lost facebook pass let's compare and see which one is better.

  1. Lanshuo JMS master control is generally used on cheaper hard drive with bad sectors recover files boxes, but the performance is good, such as this:

  CrystalDiskMark speed test:

  Lanshuo JMS578, hard drive with too many recovery partitions 19 yuan, Sandisk Ultra Plus 128G, basically full speed, performance is quite good, no less than ASM1 hard drive won't spin up data recovery 153E, read and write speeds reached 300M/S to play the performance of ssd;

  Note that JMS 578 supports harddrive recover now i have corrupted files Trim instruction, ASM 1153E and ASM 1351 do not support Trim instruction.

  2. RIFK ns1066 is harder to recover data on flash drive more miserable, the price is more expensive than Lanshuo's, but the performance is also very poor, such hardrive reformatted itself how to recover dat a as Orico2599US3 hard disk box, the main control chip is ns1066, I feel all kinds of uncomfortable hardware to recover data from hard drive after use, copying large files directly loses speed To 40-60M/s, which is slower than a mechanical hardware to recover files from hard drive hard drive, it makes people crazy and feverish.

  3. ASM is currently the best-known master control. hcan you copy a chromebook recovery usb The price is relatively expensive, but the performance is the best. For example, ASM1153E is very hdd recovery disk or usb windows 10 versatile and supports SATA3. There are not many mobile hard disk box chips that support SATA3.

  Use hdd recovery using orico external drive enclosure it and Toshiba ssd to form a hard disk box to do win to go, speed is not a problem, it is said that here to go to recover hard drive many chips have this energy-saving function.

  Speed test of ASM1153E master control box:

  It can hidden partition recovery on external hard drive be seen that the writing speed is faster than that of Lanshuo.

  Comparing JMS567 with ASM1153E and hirens bootdisk windows xp recovery console usb ASM1153E is pretty good JMS567 feels so-so.

  Therefore, the three commonly used masters in order from hitachi 3 terabyte hard drive data recovery good to bad are ASM greater than Lanshuo and greater than Ruifake. Other niche masters will not be how big usb flash for recovery backup compared here.