Phison PS225107 Write Firmware external hard drive Repair and Mass Production Successful Tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-26 13:20

  Phison PS2251-07 is the current usb3.0 external drives are commonly used masters, such as common recover media broken phone galaxy s7 without usb debugging Toshiba external drives or Kingston external drives. Many of these masters are used. When the external recover microsoft office key from hard drive windows 7 drive can't be opened or can't be used, the mass production method is absolute It can be repaired, recover music and video from corrupted external hard drive such as the case that the write protection of the external hard drive can't be formatted, mass recover office 2010 product key from dead hard drive production is the basic repair plan of the manufacturer.

  In fact, it is generally not recommended to recover office 2013 product key from external hard drive write firmware to Phison's master control external drive. There are also many mass production tutorials recover old external hard drive that is not loading on the mass production network that do not write firmware. The main purpose of sharing here is for recover permanently deleted files from hard drive windows 7 friends who have failed mass production without writing firmware, you can use the following method recover pictures from desktop hard drive using sata cable to do Carry out the mass production tutorial of writing the firmware, generally it can be finally recover product key from failed hard drive win 8.1 repaired, even if it is mass-produced into a brick, and it is completely unrecognized, you can also recover recycling bin files files from removed hard drive use the short-circuit method and then write the mass production of the firmware to perfect the recover samsung galaxy s8 files from internal hard drive repair.

  Mass production steps:

  Step 1: Back up the contents of the external drive. After mass production, recover save files from ps4 hard drive using pc the external drive will be emptied of data.!Insert the external hard drive, select 2.0 interface

  After recover saved network login password on dead hard drive decompression, directly open the main program of the mass production tool: recover thunderbird deleted email with attachment from hard drive MPALL_F1_7F00_DL20_v503_0B.exe

  Step 2: Click setting, select advance and load last, and click ok.

  Step 3: In the recover toshiba external hard drive deleted files without software pop-up interface, electronic usb3.0, then the master selects ps2251-07, then selects 01, and the recover ubuntu files from old hard drive using windows host port selects 2.0

  Check DO ISP, check ERASE code block and ERASE code first

  Firmware file recover video and photos from external hard drive free selection FW07VTW.BIN file

  Select the burner file BN07V600T9W.BIN

  Remove the check of NO Mapping

  Step recover videos from a usb drive in windows 7 6: Click start

  Enter the test interface to test:

  If green is displayed, it means mass production recover windows 10 key from a dead hard drive is successful. At this time, close the software and plug in the external hard drive again to see recover windows 10 product key from external hard drive if the repair is successful.?