easyboot make your own Win11 Win11 winpe dos multifunction installation system image[Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-26 13:10

  After using the multifunctional system disks of Tomato Garden and computer companies, they often where to recover external hard drive files lament that these tool disks are fully functional, simple to operate, and beautiful in interface.

  Now where to recover money from hard drive I'll teach you how to make your own personalized multi-function system tool tray.

  The easyboot which device to select for usb recovery software to be used is not new. It was available in win98 and 2000. Recently, we have studied burning which linux distro to recovery hard drive system disks.

  I have read some tutorials on the Internet, and they are all from the WIN2000 and who can recover a damaged hard drive XP era. I also encountered many problems when I made it myself.

  In the end, it took two days to who can recover my hard drive dat a complete my 4 in 1 system tool disk in combination with the old tutorial. Here I will share with you why is hard drive recovery so expensive my process and show my CD menu by the way.

  1. First, prepare the software and files to be used

  1. will a recovery usb reinstall windows 10 easyboot6.5.2 (This is the protagonist, used to edit the CD menu and finally synthesize the iso will a usb recovery drive delete files image)

  2.UltraISO 9.36 (This is a tool used to extract the files in the image and save the boot file will a windows recovery usb restore mbr as a separate tool)

  3.ACDSEE or other image editing tools (used to modify the color depth of the will hard drive recovery take away password menu background, other Photoshop and the like can also be used)

  4.Operating system image (here I use will hp recovery manager wipe hard drive the original version of MSDN WIN7 flagship (win7sp1 method is the same), XP SP3 and old Maotao will recovering to usb change usb format winpe9.The iso file of 11 and the img file of maxdos8) (search and download by yourself)

  5.VMWARE or will recoving to usb change usb format other virtual machines for testing

  6.BurnCDCC V2, a compact ISO image disc burning tool.00a Sinicization win 10 create a usb recovery drive Green Edition

  After all the software is downloaded, install and register, and all mirrors are win 10 hard drive raw data recovery saved for future use

  Second, understand the basic operation of easyboot

  1.EasyBoot program win 10 how to create recovery usb folder description and software interface that will be used

  */EasyBoot/iso/ This is the location where win 10 recovery image download for usb the final CD image is generated (you can manually change to other locations when generating the win 10 usb flash drive system recovery iso, * is your easyboot installation disk)

  */EasyBoot/disk1/ The root directory of the generated CD, win 1o recover from hard drive failure all the files to be used are stored in this

  */EasyBoot/disk1/ezboot This is the storage location win 8 1 recovery disc on usb of the CD menu, boot file, and img image (this folder is hidden by default when the CD is generated) win10 usb recovery cannot get system files

  The following picture is the main interface of easyboot, with the menu on the left and the preview window 10 from usb recovery drive dell window on the right (the position and size of the menu bar can be adjusted directly in the preview window 10 password recovery usb download free window)

  2.Background image production

  Under normal circumstances, just follow the default file windows 10 32 bit recovery usb download tab. I didn't add a logo image, so I need to uncheck the logo.

  The attributes of the background windows 10 64 bit recovery usb download image (Windows BMP format) can be determined through the "Options"-"Configuration" in the file tab,

   windows 10 64 bit recovery usb size After you choose or make a picture you like, use the ACDSEE editing mode to modify the resolution and windows 10 blue screen insert recovery usb color depth to the corresponding parameters.

  (Only with the built-in drawing function of the win windows 10 boot disk usb recovery drive system, there is no image softening. After selecting the color depth, the image distortion will be windows 10 boot from usb recovery drive very serious)

  Finally, replace the background of your own CD-ROM menu with back under windows 10 bootable usb for file recovery *EasyBootdisk1ezboot.bmp can reopen easyboot,

  If the picture you made does not match the parameter requirements windows 10 cannot create recovery drive usb in "Options" ---- "Configuration", there will be a corresponding error message

  The specific windows 10 cannot create usb recovery drive operations in this section are relatively simple, so I won't repeat them. If you don't understand, you windows 10 cannot recover hard drive space can reply to the post.

  Let me show you that I used office2007PPT to make a modified menu background windows 10 clean install from recovery usb picture with ACDSEE (this is a screenshot not the original picture, and there are two errors that windows 10 copy files to recovery usb have not been changed)

  3.Simple description of software functions

  *Main menu, submenu: the main windows 10 copy recovery partition to usb menu is automatically loaded when the CD is started, and the submenu is loaded with the run command windows 10 create a recovery drive usb in the main menu or other submenus.

  *Default menu bar: the selected menu bar is omitted when the CD windows 10 create a usb recovery drive is booted.

  *Startup waiting time: After entering the startup screen and waiting for a certain windows 10 create recovery usb from iso period of time, it will run automatically but save the menu, which is very useful for unattended windows 10 create recovery usb not working installation.

  *Startup directory: will start the file (dos98.img, w2ksect.bin), etc. into the IMG directory windows 10 dead laptop hard drive recovery to reduce the number of root directory files.

  *Shortcut operation mode: you can choose to execute windows 10 home os recovery 64bit usb the command directly, or just select, or execute

  *Key-letter conversion: the input letters can windows 10 how to create recovery usb be converted to lowercase/uppercase for easy startup selection.

  *Automatic loading of menu files, windows 10 hp recovery usb not working opening/closing of preview screen, etc.

  *Menu bar: The highlight bar on the screen indicates the windows 10 install from recovery usb stalled currently selected startup item and corresponds to the run command

  *Run commands: the commands windows 10 intel i7 recovery usb laptop corresponding to the menu bar can be divided into 2 categories

  run command to run boot file or Image windows 10 laptop external device data recovery file, start DOS/98/NT/2000/XP

  For example: run w2ksect.bin (run XP boot file) and run win7.bif (run windows 10 lenovo factory recovery usb key win7 boot file)

  For example: boot 80 (boot from hard disk) boot 0 (boot from floppy disk) reboot windows 10 media recovery usb how much (restart)

  (If one menu bar executes multiple commands, separate them with ";".Such as cd boot; run windows 10 move recovery partition to usb w2ksect.bin)

  *Shortcut keys: the user can directly select/execute by pressing the designated windows 10 not booting from recovery usb key.Shortcut keys can be ASCII keys such as 0-9/az/AZ.

  *Set as the default menu: set the current menu windows 10 not loading usb recovery drive as the startup default menu.

  The position of the menu is recommended to be edited through the windows 10 os recovery 64 bit usb preview window:

  Left-click to select, drag to move the position, double-click to change the size of windows 10 password recovery tool usb free the menu through the upper left and lower right corners, right click to confirm

  A shortcut key must windows 10 password recovery tool usb linux be defined for each menu command. Select the menu bar to be set and fill in the required shortcut windows 10 password recovery usb free download key at the position shown in the figure and press Enter.

  If a certain menu bar is set as the default, windows 10 pro 64 bit recovery usb this menu will be automatically run if the user does not operate within the specified time (it can windows 10 pro os recovery 64bit usb be set to hard disk startup, restart, etc.)

  The specific time set the waiting time in the file windows 10 recover password from hard drive tab (not too short)

  After the CD is started, the cursor can be selected or the shortcut key can be windows 10 recover usb had problems revoering directly pressed to select the corresponding menu, and the status of each menu can be checked in the windows 10 recovery disk new hard drive menu properties window

  Here you can set general options such as restart, exit, and countdown to windows 10 recovery disk usb down load the default menu