external hard drive Encryption Tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-26 12:20

  The general external hard drive does not have the function of encryption, anyone can see the content portable hard drive file recovery software through the external hard drive.However, the price of encrypted external hard drives sold in the portable hard drive recovery software bootable market is relatively expensive, and the existing external hard drives are wasted after purchase. How portable hard drive recovery software free to encrypt the external hard drives.Introduce a software specifically for folder encryption of mobile portable hard drive recovery software mac hard disks (or external hard drives)-"High Strength external hard drive Folder Encryption". This portable usb os for data recovery software uses a unique and secure encryption algorithm to easily solve the problem of using external portland oregon hard drive data recovery hard drives. Security.

  The encryption method of the high-strength external hard drive folder power surge hard drive recovery diy encryption tool is very simple. It is a green software. After downloading it, decompress and run the prepare usb drive for recovery disk "high-strength external hard drive folder encryption".exe" executable file can open its interface (Figure previous version recovery from hard drive 1).It is divided into "fast mobile encryption" and "strength compression encryption" two encryption prices for hard drive data recovery methods.

  One, fast mobile encryption

  The superiority of fast mobile encryption is reflected prices of data recovery on harddrives in the fast encryption speed and high security and reliability of the folder. It only takes less than problems not booting from recovery usb 3 seconds to encrypt 10GB of data. It is also the default encryption method of the software.

  Encryption professional data recovery external hard drive of files

  We first select the "Open" button on the interface, find the folder to be encrypted professional hard drive data recovery service in the external hard drive, and then click the "Encrypt" button, then a dialog box asking for a professional hard drive data recovery software password will pop up, and enter the folder encryption password in it , And confirm again to encrypt the program create recovery windows 10 usb folder.At the same time, we can see from the explorer that the icon of the encrypted folder has program that recover files from usb become a locked icon. At this time, we can't copy, move or delete it, otherwise a dialog box will pop program to recover failed hard drive up. To remind you "can't delete file" and so on (Figure 2).

  Tips: After the software is run for the program to recover overwritten usb drives first time, it will automatically add the "Mobile Encryption" command to the right-click menu of programs to recover hard drive files the mouse. If there is no "Mobile Encryption" start button in the right-click menu of the folder, you ps3 hard drive recover games download can click the right side of the window after running the software. "Advanced Settings" icon in the ps3 recovery mode format hard drive lower corner, can be set after entering "Advanced Settings".

  View and modify encrypted content

  When ps4 pro hard drive data recovery the folder is encrypted, if you want to view the contents of the encrypted folder, just double-click psp recovery menu usb charge battery the encrypted folder, and a dialog box for entering the password will pop up. As long as you put a recovery drive on usb enter the correct password, a pop-up similar to resource management will pop up. Interface, so that you put a recovery key on usb can view the contents of the encrypted folder.It is worth mentioning that the high-strength external put recovery disk on usb mac hard drive folder encryption tool can not only view the files in it, but also delete or add files qualcomm hs usb qdloader 9008 recovery to the files arbitrarily, and even drag the files in it to other partitions freely. ,Very convenient.But raid 0 hard drive data recovery once the window is closed, the folder will be automatically encrypted again.

  Decryption of raid 1 hard drive failure recovery the folder

  The decryption of the folder is relatively simple. Click the right mouse button on the raid 1 hard drive recovery software encrypted folder, select the "Move Encryption" command in the shortcut menu that appears, and then raid 5 hard drive failure recovery enter the decrypted password in the pop-up dialog box to complete the decryption of the folder jobs.

  raid hard drive data recovery software  Two, strong compression encryption

  The operation method of strength compression encryption is the raidiator 4 1 usb recovery tool same as the encryption and decryption operations described above, except that strength compression raidiator 4 2 usb recovery tool encryption is relatively fast mobile encryption. Its biggest feature is that it can compress and rapids bar hard drive recovery equipment encrypt a folder into an EXE file, so that we can You don't need to move the encrypted folder as fast raspberry pi hard drive data recovery as you can. Just copy the executable file to another computer and enter the correct password to decrypt raw data recovery external hard drive it. The security is extremely high, and it is not restricted by the operating system version. Good raw file system hard drive recovery portability.If you have confidential files to transfer, just transfer the executable file of the raw hard drive data recovery software encrypted folder and tell the decryption password.This feature is very rare in similar software.

  However, raw hard drive recovery without formatting its disadvantage is that when encrypting large folders, the encryption speed is relatively raw usb drive in mac recovery slow. At this time, you may wish to consider using fast-moving encryption.

  The encryption function rca cambio 10 recovery usb boot of the high-strength external hard drive folder encryption tool is very powerful. In addition, we can readynas duo v1 usb boot recovery also enter its "Advanced Settings" to lock the hard disk and perform some security settings and IE readynas os 6 usb recovery tool automatic repair operations, which is very convenient (Figure 3).With this software, we can use the readynas usb flash recovery 4.1.8.img download external drive with peace of mind. I believe it will definitely become your safe assistant in work reboot into recovery usb surface 2017 and life.!