Repair USB flash drive virus special antivirus tool in windows 11 10.

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 USB flash drive antivirus series tools

  USBCleaner 6.0 Build 20071109

  USBCleaner is a pure green auxiliary antivirus tool that detects and kills more than 70 kinds of USB flash drive viruses, USB flash drive virus broad-spectrum scanning, USB flash drive virus immunization, repair shows hidden files and system files, safe uninstallation of mobile disk drive, etc. It is an all-in-one repair and kill USB flash drive virus. flash drive virus. USBCleaner is a great helper for your study, work and play!

  USB flash drive virus, also known as Autorun virus, is a virus that makes all the hard drives of the other party completely shared or Trojan horse through the AutoRun.inf file. With the popularity of USB flash drives, mobile hard drives, memory cards and other mobile storage devices, USB flash drive virus has also proliferated. Recently, the National Computer Virus Processing Center issued an announcement that USB flash drive has become the main way for viruses and malicious Trojans to spread. In the face of this need, the USB flash drive virus antivirus tool USBCleaner was born.

  usbkiller(USB flash drive virus antivirus) V2.2 b1022

  What should I do if my USB flash drive is poisoned? Just plug it into your computer and the system security assistant will automatically clean it for you!

  In addition to checking the memory of RavMone, Rose, Sxs and dozens of viruses that spread through USB flash drive, the immunity function makes the virus can never enter your USB flash drive; the unlock function unlocks the USB flash drive and solves the problem of not being able to safely delete the device, so you no longer have to worry about unplugging when the USB flash drive is damaged. System Security Assistant provides a professional and complete solution to the USB flash drive problem by preventing viruses from infecting your computer through the USB flash drive from the ground up! The latest version is also able to intercept the installation of various plug-ins such as Chinese Internet, Yahoo Assistant and repair the registry

  USB flash drive firewall

  USBkill USB flash drive Firewall

  1. Built-in powerful removal technology for various variants of autorun autoplay virus can be easily removed, the use of non-feature-based detection method more accurate and safe detection of USB flash drive virus. 2. Support with Windows startup background run, real-time protection of USB mobile device security, real-time protection of hard disk, mp3, USB flash drive, mp4, sd card, tf card, psp, mobile hard disk in the autoplay class virus. 3. Real-time detection of system date modification class virus, can effectively check and kill the latest autorun class USB flash drive virus. 4. The software provides a powerful system repair function to fully repair virus damage to the system, repair folder options missing, can not show hidden files and other problems. 5. Safe to open USB mobile devices and optional prohibition of autoplay, double protection, will not trigger the virus, safe and reliable. 6. Support the latest autorun-type viruses spread by way of ani infection and the system ani vulnerability scan function. 7. Powerful repair capabilities make the system easy to solve the system problems such as hard disk double-click can not open after the antivirus. 8. Support device security removal function

  USB flash drive encryption and decryption, USB flash drive lock

  Super USB flash drive lock V4.0 Simplified Chinese Green Free Edition

  Powerful software to lock system USB flash drive usage and restrict them from using USB flash drive to steal important data from your computer. Software provides password setting which can be set to unlock and lock USB flash drive usage in computer.

  USB flash drive super encryption 2008


  Professional encryption software for USB flash drive and removable hard disk. If your USB flash drive and mobile hard disk need to be used on different machines, but you are bothered about the security and confidentiality of the data inside, please use 〖USB flash drive Super Encryption 2008〗.

  Features of this software.

  (i) After encrypting USB flash drive and removable hard disk, it will not be restricted by the machine and can be used on any machine.

  (ii) You can encrypt all the data inside the USB flash drive and removable hard disk or the data you specify. When decrypting, you can also decrypt all the decrypted data or the data you need to use.

  (iii) The confidentiality of the encrypted data is extremely high. After encrypting USB flash drive and removable hard disk, no one can see and use your data without decrypting it.

  (iv) The speed of encryption and decryption is fast.

  (v) The software itself has very good camouflage, after running it is a normal poetry memorization software, you can't enter the main interface of the software and use the encryption and decryption functions without the correct password.

  (vi) The software is a pure green software, no need to install and will not write any data in the system. When you use it, you only need to put the software into the USB flash drive and mobile hard disk you need to encrypt.

  How about it, is it what you need?

  Software default password: 88888888

  U Repair Tools

  USB flash drive Super Tools


  USB flash drive Super Tool Book contains almost all the tools for USB flash drive optimization and repair. It includes:

  USB flash drive system starter tool

  good tools for repairing USB flash drive

  checkudisk USB flash drive detector

  HP's USB flash drive universal formatting tool (can be formatted into a boot disk)


  USB flash drive professional burn repair tool Chinese version


  Star Shuttle USB flash drive low-level formatting tool

  Virtual USB flash drive V1.10 Registered Version

  Turn USB flash drive into a key drive

  Bad USB flash drive repair tool

  USB flash drive read-only registry without storage


  USB flash drive universal driver

  PPP v3.27 (USB flash drive burner repair program) Green Special Edition

  USB flash drive burner repair program can fix many problems, such as: USB flash drive can be detected, but can not read the data, or inaccessible, become 0 bytes, or the capacity has become small these problems ...... and so on, in fact, these problems in your own can be solved. The solution is to burn, USB flash drive burn this software can make your USB flash drive to restore capacity again, can be read normally. But if you have important data then I'm really sorry, huh. So what about 。。。。 My USB flash drive capacity appeared 0, it was declared scrapped, but after it was repaired, it has come back to life. But I'm not responsible if there is a problem with using this software for repair. I just highly recommend it, the dead horse will probably turn around.

  Everyone in the purchase of USB flash drive, please pay attention to the normal use, according to the normal order of operation, normal plug and play, so as not to cause damage to the USB flash drive, if you have important data in it, it is irreparable, if you do not understand the place, please read the manual carefully, or check on the Internet.

  Use a simple introduction: first insert the USB flash drive into the USB port, after entering the program, point options, then point low frame, then select the capacity, exit, point to run, and then wait patiently.



  1, the repair tool can only do repair for the USB flash drive formatting errors, can not repair the physical damage to the USB flash drive.

  2, the use of the repair tool will destroy all data on the USB flash drive, including partitions and passwords, please use with caution.

  3, only when the USB flash drive can not be used normally can try to repair, in general, do not use often

  Repair USB flash drive virus special antivirus tool in windows 11 10.