[Fixed] C drive is full External large occupying installer space tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-26 10:30

  Friends who have changed SSDs will definitely have this kind of encounter, that is, for example, 6 create windows 7 usb recovery disc 0G solid state drives are used as C drives, but they are not enough, and suddenly they are full. What create windows 7 usb recovery disk should I do.The solid state drive is so big, it is not cost-effective to buy a new one, so we only create windows 7 usb recovery key need to deal with it a little to free up more than 10G of space?After careful investigation, it was create windows 7 usb recovery tool found that the culprit was the C:WINDOWSInstaller folder as high as 18G. A total of 60G solid-state create windows 8 1 recovery usb hard drives accounted for 18G, which is a bit unwilling, but just delete the msi file in the create windows 8 1 usb recovery C:WINDOWSInstaller folder, otherwise It will cause the program to be unable to be uninstalled. In severe create windows 8 recovery disk usb cases, the system may crash, and even problems will emerge one after another. Therefore, netizens have create windows 8 recovery usb online given a better solution-use the "world move" to move the folder to another idle hard disk, and then create windows 8.1 recovery usb dowload Create a symbolic link to the location of the new Installer folder in the c:windows directory without create windows 8.1 recovery usb online affecting system stability.Specific steps are as follows:

  The first step: Copy the C:WINDOWSInstaller create windows 8.1 usb recovery disk folder to another drive letter with a larger space, I copied it to the F drive.

  Step 2: create windows recovery drive on usb Enter cmd in the search box of the start menu, and then click the right mouse button on the searched create windows recovery drive pn usb cmd command line to run as an administrator:

  Step 3: Enter the following command in the cmd running create windows recovery usb from iso window that pops up: mklink /dc:windowsInstaller f:Installer and press Enter:

  1. Everyone, please create windows recovery usb from linux see why I am prompted in the previous few runs as shown in the figure above: invalid switch-"Installer"?Because create windows recovery usb from ubuntu I did not add the symbol "" to the path.

  2. Why does the third-to-last line prompt create windows recovery usb on linux that the file can't be created when the file already exists.The reason is that I did not delete the c: create windows recovery usb on mac windowsInstaller folder. For safety reasons, I suggest that you rename the folder first, and then create windows recovery usb win 7 delete it after running the command successfully.!

  So far, a lot of space has been freed up, so there create windows recovery usb windows 10 is no need to change the SSD, and the stability of the system is not affected.