How to fix usb flash drive file system error with Dos command in windows 11

29 2021-08-02 07:23

How to fix usb flash drive file system error problem with Dos command in Windows 11 10

  When we use the computer, we basically do not use Dos commands. The most common one is to use the ping command to check the network. Today, I will teach you how to fix usb flash drive file system errors with the chkdsk command.

  First of all, what does the chkdsk command do? Does it have any use for our usb flash drive?

  Chkdsk command is a key command used to fix file system errors under DOS. So, can the file system error of usb flash drive be harmful to our data security? Do we need to fix it?

  Yes, it is necessary for us to fix the file system error because it has the potential to cause considerable harm to our data security. Home of usb flash drive

  When there are serious errors in the file system, or when ordinary errors accumulate to a certain level, some files inside the usb flash drive will not be opened or copied. Even when we copy data from the computer to the usb flash drive, the copy will inexplicably be interrupted (such problems occur due to file system errors provided that the usb flash drive has enough space left and that there are no viruses that are carrying out destructive activities). Or simply the entire usb flash drive has to be formatted before it can be used again, and all the original data on the usb flash drive is lost! usb drive home

  Of course, it is best to use a reliable usb flash drive, as they are easier to fix even if there are file system errors. Here is the chkdsk command.

  Chkdsk command is a special command used to repair usb flash drive, hard disk, memory card and other media that Windows can recognize. This command is an abbreviation for chkdsk+disk.

  Well, without further ado, let me introduce how to use chkdsk to maintain our usb flash drive

  Start Run (you can also press the Start+R key combination to bring up the Run menu) cmd Enter (if you are a windows 7 user, you can also press Start and type powershell directly into the blank bar to execute the chkdsk command with Windows 7's latest command execution tool, PowerShell)

  After opening a dos or PowerShell window, execute the following command: usb flash drive home

  Type chkdsk (usb flash drive drive letter):

  For example to check the K drive you need to enter.

  chkdsk k:

  This is a read-only query that will fix the problem of missing index items.

  Special Note: If asked "Convert missing links to files", be sure to select no (n) and press enter. But once it has been converted to a file without an extension, we will not be able to use it, and there will be no point in fixing it. usb drive home

  If this happens, you need to use the following advanced command. usb drive home

  In case of larger problems, you need to type.

  chkdsk (usb flash drive disk letter):/f
  For example, to repair the K drive is chkdsk k:/f
  At this point you need to forcefully uninstall all open handles within the usb flash drive (first you need to close all open programs in the usb flash drive), and then windows exclusive usb flash drive for file system errors. At this point the repair ability is greatly improved. usb flash drive home

  After confirming that all open programs of usb flash drive have been closed, if prompted whether to force unmount the volume, type y and press enter usb flash drive home

  This method will definitely take a little longer to repair than read-only, but how much longer depends largely on the severity of the usb flash drive file system error.

  If prompted "Volume is in use, do you plan to check the volume on the next reboot, N is recommended"

  In general, the :/f command can be used once to fix all usb flash drive errors. Then you can run chkdsk (usb flash drive disk letter): command again and it will show "Windows has checked the file system and determined that there is no problem", then we can use the usb flash drive without any worries.

  Note: If you want the program to automatically unload all open handles of the usb flash drive, type chkdsk (usb flash drive disk letter):/x. Windows will then automatically unload all open usb flash drive handles and then repair the usb flash drive with full closure. However, I don't recommend that you use this. For example, if you are using a download tool like 360 Software Manager to download files to the usb flash drive, the files will be in .p2p format when they are not finished downloading. However, this operation can cause corruption of these files! usb drive home

  If there are still problems with the usb flash drive, it is also possible that some of the file clusters have been lost and need to be retrieved, in which case we need the following command.

  chkdsk (usb flash drive disk letter):/f /r

  For example, to repair the K drive is chkdsk k:/f/r

  At this point it is necessary not only to unload all open handles within the usb flash drive, but also to perform an intense scan of the entire usb flash drive. This has the strongest repair capability, but takes the longest, and may also lead to high temperatures in the usb flash drive. It is recommended that you do not use this command as a last resort. If you must use it, please make sure to do a good job of dissipating heat from the usb flash drive. usb drive home

  The above method can fix 97% of usb flash drive problems.

  If the above still does not work, it is possible that the usb flash drive autorun virus has been hit and needs to be fixed in this way (it is recommended that you use the Super Patrol usb flash drive immunizer to solve this problem, as there is a certain risk in the execution of the following command) usb drive home

  attrib (usb flash drive disk drive):\"auturun.inf" -a -s -r -h usb drive home

  del (usb flash drive disk letter):\"auturun.inf" /f /s /q

  The above method can solve 99% of usb flash drive problems, if it does not work, please find a data recovery company (fee)

  The above method is also applicable to hard disk usb drive home

  Well, the dos command to fix U file system errors is introduced, so how are file system errors generated? usb drive home

  The XP operating system has a major flaw, and with the bad habits of everyone, it is easy for usb flash drive to generate such a file system error.

  When we insert the usb flash drive on the XP system computer, the computer will first connect to the usb flash drive. then immediately disconnect the usb flash drive, and then restore the connection of the usb flash drive afterwards. If we open the usb flash drive just when the computer recognizes it, it may cause a file system error due to "abnormal ejection".

  Solution: On XP, after inserting the usb flash drive, wait about 5 seconds after the computer recognizes the usb flash drive before opening the usb flash drive.

  There is another more common situation: we intend to eject the usb flash drive normally, but then Windows prompts "Device XX is in use and cannot be ejected". Then we forcibly unplug the usb flash drive, which may also cause usb flash drive file system errors. usb drive home

  Solution: If it does prompt that the usb flash drive cannot be ejected, and we can be sure that all open files in the usb flash drive are closed, then please make sure that there are no files being copied to the usb flash drive when you unplug the usb flash drive. Home of usb flash drive

  There is another situation that is most likely to be overlooked: when Windows prompts "XX device has been safely ejected" immediately unplug the usb flash drive, it is also very likely to generate file system errors! usb drive home

  Solution: Do not unplug the usb flash drive after the "XX device has been safely ejected" prompt, and wait for 2~3 seconds before unplugging the usb flash drive. usb flash drive Home

  The above method allows you to use Dos commands to repair the usb flash drive file system. In addition, we also need to understand that sometimes when we are copying files, the connection between the computer and the usb flash drive is suddenly interrupted, which can also cause the usb flash drive file system to fail.

  How to fix usb flash drive file system error with Dos command in windows 11