external hard drive files are deleted by mistake a quick way to recover deleted files by mistake[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-26 08:10

  external hard drive is now one of the necessary tools for workers in IT related industries. It is recover data from bad hard drives a very convenient tool whether it is to back up files or copy files to each other, but it is inevitable recover data from beeping hard drive that some mistakes will occur in the process of using it. If the files in the external drive are recover data from broken hard drive deleted by mistake, how can we recover the files we deleted by mistake.Today I will teach you a good recover data from broken hard drives way to restore files.

  In the process of recovering lost files, we need to use DiskGenius partition recover data from broken micro usb tool.It has the function of recovering deleted or formatted files. You can search on the Internet, recover data from broken usb key download and install the diskgenius partition tool, then insert the external drive that needs to recover data from burnt hard drive be recovered into the computer's usb port, open the diskgenius partition tool, and click on the left recover data from clicking hard drive side. After recovering the data from the external drive, select "Tools" → "Recovery of deleted or recover data from computer hard drive formatted files" in turn, and the interface as shown in the figure below will appear:

  Click the recover data from copier hard drive "Start" button in the pop-up window to start recovering accidentally deleted files. The time required recover data from corrupted external hdd to recover files is determined by the size of the external drive and the number of stored files. After recover data from corrupted hard drive the recovery process is over, the recovered files will be displayed in the right window. document. recover data from corrupted usb drive Right-click the file to be restored and select "Copy to."Option, select the storage directory of the recover data from corrupted usb stick restored file and click the "OK" button. external hard drive Home

  This editor reminds you that in recover data from crashed external drive order to prevent the loss of important files due to accidental deletion of data on the external recover data from crashed hard drive drive, it is recommended that you regularly back up the files in the external drive to your computer. recover data from crashed usb drive USB home

  The external hard drive file is deleted by mistake, the method to quickly recover the deleted recover data from damaged external hdd file by mistake: