The solution to the External phone memory card RAW cannot be formatted[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-26 07:40

  The mobile phone memory card becomes RAW and can't be formatted. There are usually several methods use usb recovery drive windows 8 that can be solved by yourself. Here are a few methods, you can try, first insert the memory card use usb recovery drive windows 8.1 into the computer with a card reader:

  Method 1: Click the start button in the lower left corner, and use win 10 usb recovery drive then click "Run"→input cmd→input "chkdsk (drive letter): /f".There is a space between the colon and use windows image as recovery usb the backslash, after writing the drive letter, remove the brackets.Such as "chkdsk i: /f".Press uses external hard drive after recovery enter to run.i is the drive letter of the memory card, if your memory card drive letter is G, enter g. using a recovery usb windows 10

  Method 2: 1. Use EasyRecovery Pro and select Advanced Recovery (select advanced options to customize using a surface usb recovery drive data recovery functions);

  2. Select the drive letter that has been changed to RAW format, and using a win 10 recovery usb click the advanced option in the lower corner;

  3. In the file system scan, select "NTFS" for the using a windows 10 recovery usb file system, click Advanced Scan, select "Advanced Options" in the lower right corner, and set the using dell recovery usb windows 10 cluster size and data start position to 0;

  4. Click on the partition setting and use the MFT method using dell windows 10 recovery usb (this must not be wrong); then confirm;

  5. Click Next to start scanning the file system, and then using diskpart to recover the usb just wait, it will take a long time, be patient.After completion, you will find an NTFS drive letter, using recovery usb drive windows 10 and then click the found drive letter to start scanning;

  6. After the scan is completed, you will using recovery usb in windows 8.1 find that all the files have been found, then click Recover, select an available disk to save your using recovery usb to repair disk recovered files;

  7. Finally format the problematic disk and copy the recovered files back OK, using recovery usb windows 10 dell everything is intact as before.

  Method three, memory card repair tool

  Mass production network has a using sans to recover hard drive large number of memory card repair tools, everyone tested one by one, there is always a problem that using the dell usb recovery medi a can repair raw, such as the common Panasonic SDFormatter, just open and click format, wait a few using toshiba windows 8 recovery usb seconds to repair successfully.

  Method 4: I accidentally discovered Norton PartitionMagic 8.0A tool using ubuntu to recover hard drive included with PTEDIT32.EXE (Partition Table Editor), just try it, open it and find the information using usb recovery drive windows 10 of the corresponding partition, compare it with other partition information, and find that there is using usb recovery drive windows 8 a big difference, then modify the information of the partition where the error occurred according to using usb system recovery windows 10 the information of other partitions ( Everyone's hard disk partition is different, so there is no using windows 10 usb recovery drive standard parameter), you can restore the operation, so don't worry, it won't damage the data. After using windows 8 1 recovery usb the modification, save it, and you're done after restarting.!

  For specific operations, please refer using windows recovery usb commsnd prompt to this article ": external hard drive prompts that it needs to be formatted to use the Ptedit32 using windows recovery usb win 8 non-destructive repair tutorial for RAW.