Memory card data recovery in Windows 11 [6 methods collection]

29 2021-08-02 07:18

Windows 11 Memory card is a portable standalone storage media, shaped like a card, mostly used in cell phones, digital cameras, portable computers, MP3 and other digital products. Sometimes memory card data is lost due to misuse, and sometimes data is lost due to memory card damage. So, once the memory card data is lost is there any way to recover it? How to recover it?

  Method one.

  Insert the memory card into the card reader, after receiving the computer USB, the computer prompts to format, point to cancel. Then check the properties.

  Use the tools in the properties, click Start Check, and find that you can not check the disk error

  Find Run, you can also use windows key + R can quickly open

  Type chkdsk H:/F in Run, (H: is your SD card disk letter, /F is the repair parameter.)

  A dos window will appear, wait for the repair to complete and the DOS window will close automatically.

  When the memory card data recovery is complete, check the properties of the memory card, the display is normal

  Method 2: Erased Data Recovery (Undelete Plus 2.98 Data Recovery Software)

  Search to download and install Undelete Plus 2.98 software. After installation and execution there will be the following screen, select the partition you want to scan and press Start Scan, this software hard disk can also be used.

  Scan will list all the documents found, the left half of the document type can be selected to help you find the documents you need, the right Status column is the health of the document, Very Good recovery up roughly no problem, but Overwritten on behalf of the data has been part of the overwritten, restore back most of the problems will have.

  Anyway, select the document you want to recover and select the directory you want to output, press Start Undelete to do so, but remember not to write back to the same memory card!

  There is another set of Recuva free software is also very good, this software has a Chinese interface, and the document can be previewed, but the scanning speed is a little slower, but also very good.

  If not accidentally deleted, is a memory card that was used well suddenly can not be read, first confirm that the reader is not working properly, the simplest way is that if the memory card in the camera to watch the very normal words, to the reader when the problem, then please first change a card reader or directly with the camera's data line to try it.

  If you really can not read out, assuming that not some serious problems (such as control chip problems), only Partition Table damage, confusion and other problems, some software is available to do the source file system scan, or have the opportunity to save the document out. The author of the following software for some introduction.

  Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery. this set of software in the rescue of memory card data function is free, can be used without fear, installed, open the software by Next to start using, and see the following screen.

  Select the memory card you want to recover.

  ZAR will start the scanning process. The scanning time is proportional to the capacity of the card and whether there are difficulties in reading it.

  After a long scan (the 8GB CF memory card used in the demonstration was scanned for almost 1.5 hours), it will appear to find the missing files, but because the scanning method is a source file type scan, so the documents found are recorded with a running number, Jpg documents ZAR will have a preview after the click, other types of documents only know the capacity, usually the recovery has to select all, and then do the sorting.

  After selecting the document you can start to recover the file.

  Method 3: Xunlong memory card data recovery software

  Search the Internet and download Xunlong data recovery software.

  After installation, you can open and run to start the camera memory card data recovery. Select "U disk phone camera memory card recovery", then connect your camera memory card to the computer, select your memory card and click "Next".

  At this point, the software is scanning the photos in the camera memory card, which will take about 5 minutes, so you don't need to do any operation. When the scan result comes out, select the photos you want to recover, tick the checkboxes in front of them and click "Next".

  The last step is to select a location on your computer to recover these photos and it's OK.

  Method 4: Dragon Memory Card Data Recovery Software

  Download Dragon TF card/memory card data recovery software, then double-click the program to install it, set the installation directory for the files when installing, click "Next"

  It only takes a few seconds for the software installation to complete.

  Place the memory card in the card reader, connect it to the computer and open the software

  Select the "U disk phone camera card recovery" option, click on it and select the device you want to recover

  Click on "Next" to scan

  Then select the files you want to recover in the scan result.

  Method 5: Xunjie Data Recovery Software

  Xunjie Data Recovery Software is a powerful and easy-to-use free recovery tool that supports various types of memory card data recovery, such as TF cards, SD cards, memory sticks, camera memory cards, etc. It can recover files that have been mistakenly deleted, misformatted, or lost for other reasons.

  Download Xunjie Data Recovery Software online, the software can be used without installation. After opening the software, click on the "Data Recovery" button to go to the next step.

  Click to select the data recovery mode "Delete Recovery" and then click "Next".

  Select the partition where the lost files are located, i.e. the memory card where the data is lost, and then click Next to scan.

  The software starts scanning the memory card and wait patiently for the scan to complete.

  When the scan is complete, look for the missing files in the file list and folders. Deleted files may be disrupted by the windows system, so it is recommended that users use the "Search Files" feature to find files to save time. Users can also preview the image files to confirm if they are the files they need to recover. Find and check the files that need to be recovered, then select the path where the files will be saved, and finally click the "Recover" button to recover the data.

  Recovery is complete.

  Method 6: Memory card cut data recovery

  Download easyrecovery home software and after the installation is completed, the following interface will appear. In the absence of activation, users can choose to run as a demo, or directly purchase a registration code to activate the software.

  Select the media type: Memory card is a storage device, click to select "Storage Device". Select the volume label to be scanned: Memory cards are generally displayed as removable disks when they are not named.

  Select the recovery scenario: Memory card cut loss equals deletion, and "Recover deleted files".

  Check your options: Check if there are any problems with the above steps, then go to the next step.

  Save files: The software will scan the entire memory card, the time may be long, users need to be patient, after the completion of the scan, select the files that need to be recovered right-click Save As.

  Method : Top data recovery software

  Insert the memory card into the card reader and then connect it to the computer. Search for "Top Data Recovery Software", then download and install it.

  Open the software and select "U disk phone camera card recovery" mode

  Select the memory card and start data scanning

  Check the misformatted phone data and then click "Next" to recover the data

  Start recovering the data, after the recovery is complete, you can open the directory to view the recovered data

  This is how to recover memory card data. Memory card data recovery is dependent on data recovery software. The above is only an introduction to some of the data recovery software, there are still many online data recovery software, but the operating steps are basically the same. If you encounter memory card data corruption needs to be recovered, simply download and install a data recovery software on the Internet.

Memory card data recovery methods collection