How to use UltraISO to make a bootable external hard drive installation system larger than 4G[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-26 07:20

  Now everyone uses a external hard drive to install the system. Previously, XP and WIN7 systems were recover all files from formatted hard drive installed because the system itself generally does not exceed 4G, so it will not encounter the recover another pc with windows 10 usb problem we are going to talk about today. However, whether it is Windows8 or Linux.When making a bootable recover backed up wd external hard drive external drive that contains files larger than 4G, it often happens that it can't be installed recover bad sectors of a hard drive after making it.The following is the research to solve this problem.

  There are also two ways to install recover bad sectors on external hard drive a external drive. One is to burn the external drive into a CD format. You can regard the burned recover chipsbnk usb drive from windows 10 external drive as a system installation CD. There are many software to do the burning process, but recover chrome bookmarks from old hard drive the most commonly used It is UltraISO; there is also a second way to install a external drive, burn recover chrome passwords from external hard drive the external drive to PE. Simply put, PE is a low-level system released by Microsoft that only runs recover chrome passwords from old hard drive in memory. After the PE system is started, the system will be installed— This method is only suitable recover contacts on android without usb debugging for installing Windows systems, not for Linux.

  Some netizens reported that some system images can't recover corrupted data from external hard drive be installed using a external hard drive because the install in the image.Wim is larger than 4G, recover corrupted esxi vm from hard drive let's introduce how to make a USB boot disk with a CD image with files larger than 4G.

  The file recover corrupted files external hard drive mac system commonly used in Windows operating system (that is, the disk format we usually say, such as recover corrupted files from hard drive freeware external hard drive is FAT32 format, etc.) as long as there are FAT32, NTFS, etc.For the FAT32 file recover corrupted files from usb drive free system, its shortcomings can't store files exceeding 4G, while for the NTFS file system, there is no recover corrupted files from usb flash drive such limitation, as shown in the figure below.

  Generally speaking, when using the first method, the recover corrupted files from usb hard drive external hard drive will be burned into FAT32 format, and the biggest disadvantage of the FAT32 file recover corrupted files from usb on mac format is that it requires the stored files to be less than 4G.And usually we use UltraISO's writing recover corrupted files from usb with cmd hard disk image function, no matter what kind of file system your external hard drive is, after the recover corrupted files from usb with cms production is completed, the external hard drive will become a FAT32 file system. This is for CD recover corrupted files on a hard drive images containing more than 4G files, such as many Windows 7, 8, 8.For the image of 1, this is bad recover corrupted files usb site reddit com news. The external hard drive produced in this way will not be able to correctly store files over 4G, recover corrupted hard drive with damaged logic so it can't be used at all.

  First, use UltraISO to open the ISO file and delete the files larger recover corrupted hard drive with file names than 4G in it (such as install in the sources directory).wim), and then save the ISO file as a new recover corrupted mac hard drive on windows file, being careful not to overwrite the original file!After saving, follow the usual method to make a recover corrupted photos from external hard drive bootable external drive:

  Find install as shown above.Right-click the wim file larger than 4G to recover corrupted pictures from external hard drive delete it.

  Then click to save the image, in this case, the image is smaller than 4G.

  Then click recover crc error files from hard drive Start and click Write to Hard Disk Image:

  Select your external hard drive drive letter, I here is recover cut files from external hard drive the I disk, and then select the writing method as USB-HDD+ V2. After you select it, click format

  Format recover damaged files on external hard drive selection quick format

  A prompt will pop up that there will be no data after formatting, just recover data after a hard drive failure click OK.

  Click OK when the formatting is over

  After formatting, you can click to write

  The recover data after format external hard disk writing will take some time, and the writing will be completed when the progress bar is full

  After recover data after partitioning hard drive mac the production is completed, convert the external hard drive to the NTFS file system by running CMD recover data bitlocker copy to external drive or the shortcut key WIN+R as an administrator, and then enter the following command convert x: /fs:ntfs recover data broken seagate external hard drive (x is the drive letter of the external hard drive), and return Just run the car.

  Unzip the ISO recover data corrupted hard drive win 7 image or find install in the sources directory of the ISO through UltraISO.wim, extract to the recover data crashed wd external hard drive corresponding directory of the external hard drive!After the writing is completed, you can use the external recover data damaged external hard drive mac hard drive to install the new system.

  Because of the motherboard BIOS, some computers may need recover data dead macbook pro hard drive to select a different "disk master boot record". If you encounter problems that can't be started, recover data deleted from external hard drive select "write new disk master boot record (MBR)" for "Easy Startup"-USB- HDD+ (USB-HDD, USB-ZIP, HDD, recover data external hard drive needham m a etc. can also be selected, but you can try other ones)!

  The above is the tutorial for making a recover data external hard drive not detected bootable external drive containing files larger than 4G.Under the background of more and more people recover data external hard drive not initialized making Win8 and Win10 system disks, this tutorial is of great help to everyone.