How to flash the router with a External phone tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

35 2021-08-26 07:00

  Friends who like to play with routers may have flashed the router, that is, flashed in other firmware, recover windows 10 key from external drive but sometimes we don't have a computer at home but only a mobile phone. In this case, can we recover windows 10 key from hard drive flash the router? The answer is yes, then how to flash Woolen cloth?The following external hard drive recover windows 10 key from usb drive Network will teach you how to flash the router with a mobile phone. Take the Phicomm K2 router as an recover windows 10 password external hard drive example:

  Method 1: First download the router's firmware on the mobile phone. Here is the three-party recover windows 10 password from hard drive firmware undead firmware breed, download it to the mobile phone, and then directly use the mobile recover windows 10 without usb or disc phone to connect to the router via wifi, and then enter the k2 router management page in the mobile recover windows 7 key from external drive browser. Then click Manual Upgrade, find the firmware that was downloaded to the phone in advance, recover windows 7 key from hard drive and upgrade it directly. Other routers don't know what to do. Anyway, k2 is successful. With breed, recover windows 7 to new hard drive you can flash other firmware at will.

  Method two, this method should be no problem with other recover windows 8 on new hard drive routers

  Prepare two routers, mine is a k2P A1, and a k2 A5. Connect the LAN ports of the two routers recover windows from usb drive using cmd with a network cable. The WAN ports do not need to be connected to the Internet. Press and hold the recover windows key from crashed hard drive reset button of k2 and then power on, hold for 10 seconds, and release , In this way, k2 enters the recover windows key from dead hard drive state of breed refreshing. At this time, power on k2P, connect the mobile phone to the wireless network recover windows key from external hard drive of k2P, and use the browser to enter It also comes to k2's breed refresh page.In recover windows key from formatted hard drive this way, I can refresh the phone happily. In this way, I changed the K2 from the official version to recover windows key from old hard drive the old Maozi ASUS version.!

  Note that before flashing the phone, delete the wireless that can be recover windows license key from hard drive automatically connected to the phone to prevent the phone from automatically connecting to other recover windows password windows 10 live usb routers that can access the Internet.!

  Summary: Flashing third-party firmware for routers on mobile recover windows product key from hard drive phones is more risky than computers and more prone to errors, and the solution that requires two routers recover windows product keys from external drive will not go wrong, so generally you need to flash the phone, even if you don't have a computer, recover without changing the hard drive partitions go to an Internet cafe, or go to Borrowing a laptop to refresh is also safer than using a mobile recover word document saved over external drive phone.