How to solve SSD solid state external hard drive stuck and stop responding[Win11 Solutions]

214 2021-08-26 06:30

  SSD stuck symptoms

  Friends who recently purchased a new SSD may be troubled by a phenomenon that windows 10 recover files from another hard drive admin the system stops responding or freezes for no reason.The specific situation can be as follows according windows 10 recovery command prompt copy data to usb to the main control of SSD:

  1. Sandforce main control: During the normal operation of the windows 10 recovery disk to change bad hard drive computer, the system suddenly stops responding, the hard disk light flashes wildly, the mouse pointer windows 10 recovery page appears won't boot from usb becomes a circle, and nothing happens. This situation may last for 1 to 2 minutes, and then it will windows 10 recovery usb after another os is installed be normal.

  2. C300 main control: frequent short-term freezes, such as when you are chatting with QQ, windows 10 recovery usb download free for another computer you can clearly feel that the typing process is not continuous, 0.Intermittent pauses of about 1s, windows 10 recovery usb drive from a different pc the operating system will not lock up, not as serious as the SF main control, but it also feels very windows 10 recovery usb for acer aspire r3 n15w5 uncomfortable.

  Both of these situations will appear on both Intel and AMD platforms.In the Intel windows 10 recovery usb install cannot connect to computers platform, in particular, Intel's new version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology 10 is installed.It windows 10 reinstall recovery repair restore boot fix usb is easier to appear after x driver, or after upgrading the WIN 7 SP1 patch package.

  This phenomenon windows 10 rescue disc and recovery usb flash drive is called SSD lag.I have now found some solutions to eliminate this failure phenomenon, which is windows 10 system image recovery from external hard drive available for download on the last page of this article.But I know this method may not work 100%, I windows 10 system recovery disk usb some files missing just hope it can help some users.

  Analysis of the causes of SSD stuck-LPM

  Before solving the problem, windows 10 system recovery usb does it contain key we need to let everyone know a key knowledge:

  Link Power Management (LPM)

  LPM is a function windows 10 will not recognize usb for recovery create on the physical layer of the SATA interface. It can divide the link between the host and the storage windows 10 with win 7 recovery usb from windows device into three forms: Active form, Partial form and Slumber form. The purpose is to reduce the windows 7 creat recovery usb from a recovery disk transmission speed of the physical layer bus. Can save electricity.The form request sent by the host windows 7 password recovery tool usb mydigital site is called HIPM (Host-Initiated LPM, HIPM), and the form request sent directly by the device is called windows 7 recover files from failing hard drive program (Device-Initiated LPM, DIPM)

  Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver supports LPM function to reduce windows 7 recovery disk and repair disc download usb the power consumption of high-speed and high-capacity storage devices.Of course, the LPM function windows 7 recovery disk download 64 bit usb free first needs the SATA hard disk to support this function.Starting from ICH6M, the notebook platform windows 7 recovery usb download free no product key supports LPM by default after installing the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver (the predecessor of windows 7 system image recovery from external hard drive the RST driver).Desktop platforms start to support ICH9R (requires installation of Intel Matrix windows 7 system recovery boot from usb flash drive Storage Manager 7.Version 5 and newer drivers), but it is not turned on by default.

  From Intel Rapid windows 7 system recovery disc onto usb flash drive Storage Technology 10.Starting with version 0 of the driver, the default is to enable LPM after the windows 7 system recovery usb flash drive not recognized driver is installed (including all notebook and desktop platforms).

  So the problem that caused the windows 8 1 recovery disk download 64 bit usb high-speed SSD to freeze during use is probably caused by the problem of the Intel Rapid Storage windows 8 1 recovery drive does not recognize usb Technology driver (and some may be caused by the incompatibility of the motherboard or the setting windows 8 1 recovery usb not showing as bootable problem). Since this technology is turned on for energy saving, why is it? Brings lagging problems?What windows 8 8.1 installation dvd usb or recovery disk are the SSDs currently supporting LPM technology.

  My personal guess is that the main reasons for windows 8 recovery disk download 64 bit usb free the lag are as follows:

  1.The host sends the HIPM form change command, but the SSD device standard windows file recovery recover files from formatted hard drive is different, and it can't be supported well, and compatibility problems may cause a freeze;

  2.The windows password recovery tool 3 0 usb installer iso host sends HIPM form change commands too frequently, causing the SSD device to fail to reflect in windows password recovery tool usb mac os x 10.9.5 time, causing incompatibility and freezing;

  3.After the LPM is turned on, the transmission delay windows password reset data & system recovery boot usb of the SATA bus increases, which causes the transmission of the high-speed SSD to be blocked and windows recovery disk not partitioning new hard drive properly stuck;

  4.The DIPM inside the SSD conflicts with the HIPM requested by the host, causing a freeze.

  No windows recovery disk windows 10 does not find usb matter what, the current method to solve the freeze is to completely disable LPM. Of course, this windows recovery keeps downgrading my hard drive to 32gb will increase the power consumption, but I believe that it is more comfortable to spend a little windows recovery usb windows 8 from a windows 10 electricity than the freeze.

  Which SSDs support LPM

  So how do I know if my SSD supports LPM windows recovery with system that cannot find hard drive technology.

  SATA protocol definition: IDENTIFY DEVICE

  If 1, Device supports receipt of host initiated windows server recovery wizard usb drive not showing up interface PM

  If 1, Device supports initiating interface PM

  If 1, Device initiating interface PM is windows system recovery usb windows 7 from windows 10 enabled.

  Let's take a look at the 4 SSDs in my current hand: (I used the green version of Intel windows xp recovery console does not detect hard drive toolbox that I modified)

  The first is Crucial C300, as shown in the picture, my C300 supports DIPM won boot from usb windows error recovery windows 7 and HIPM, and DIPM is not currently enabled.

  Then I have another older SSD, Gskill Falcon. As shown write protection on dell windows 10 usb recovery sticks in the picture, this SSD does not support HIPM and DIPM. DIPM is definitely not enabled, so it is wyred 4 sound recovery usb reclocker for sale canad a not affected by LPM.