Repair method of MINI USB interface damage[Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-26 06:10

  Founder Jingling B20external hard drive has exquisite workmanship and beautiful appearance, but its toshiba external hard drive and finding data recovery connection with the host does not use a standard USB interface, but uses a MINI USB adapter cable toshiba external hard drive data recovery software free for data transmission with the host.Because the MINI interface in the external hard drive uses surface toshiba external usb 3 0 usb device recovery welding technology instead of through-hole welding, it often appears in the process of use. Because toshiba hard drive recovery process can't select yes the user interface is inserted backwards or excessive force, the MINI interface is shifted and toshiba hard drive recovery process has been selected indented and can't be used.However, this series of products of Founder have been changed to a retractable toshiba satellite c55 recovery partition on hard drive USB interface, so that the interface will not be damaged, and the trouble of having to bring a toshiba satellite c875d won't with reboot usb recovery root cable when going out is also avoided.

  When the MINI USB interface is damaged, the repair is toshiba satellite hard drive recovery not showing up actually very simple, as long as you understand the point welding technology, the circuit foundation toshiba satellite laptop hard drive recovery black screen is enough.The repair process is as follows: 1.The package of this external hard drive is not used for toshiba sattelite hard drive recovery not showing up general screw fastening, but as shown in the figure. The key ring end is directly pressed in by the toshiba ultrabook windows 8 recovery usb pt22lc 00k0de screw. The exposed part is smooth and can't be screwed with ordinary tools. Screw down.Therefore, total wipe of hard drive in recovery mode if you want to remove it during maintenance, you can use a small flat-blade screwdriver to pry off the trying to recover files from internal hard drive buckle, or use needle-nose pliers to hardly unscrew the screw, but this method will twist the turn a external hdd into a recovery drive fastening screw and affect the appearance.Just unscrew the two fixing screws and push out the metal strip ubuntu back up files to usb from recovery with the Founder LOGO along the direction of the USB interface, and the circuit board will be ubuntu recover deleted files from external hard drive exposed.

  2.Welding the MINI USB interface on the circuit board has six soldering points, four USB data uefi windows 8 recovery disk cd dvd usb connections, and two grounding plates.The main reason for the falling off is that the fixed point unlock seagate hard drive with trinity recovery kit of the MINI grounding plate is not welded firmly, and the MINI connector is directly pushed in after usb 2 0 not working after system recovery it is loosened.  Needless to say about the welding, as long as the welding is done in the original usb 2 0 vs 3 0 recovery drive position, the grounding points on both sides are easy to weld, but the four data line contacts are not usb data recovery or flash drive data recovery easy to weld. You must use a pointed soldering iron for welding.Be sure to pay attention to the usb data recovery software free download electric soldering iron must be well grounded when soldering, otherwise the flash memory chip or driver usb data recovery software for android external memory chip may be broken down and damaged due to static electricity; and the position of the MINI interface usb data recovery software for external floppy disk can't be skewed.

  3.Check that the MINI cable is inserted, and then connected to the PC. If the usb data recovery software for pc free download host can recognize the external hard drive model and read the data smoothly, it means that the repair usb data recovery software free download for mac is successful.

  4.After the end, you can install it in reverse order according to the original usb data recovery software free download full version disassembly sequence.If the two fastening screws are not tight when reinstalled and are easy to fall usb data recovery software free download with key out, you can use glue to reinforce it.