How to use FBDISK to repair external hard drive bad sectors tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

58 2021-08-26 05:50

  Recently, one of the author's Seagate hard drives that have been in service for more than three data recovery from hard drive buffalo ny years has bad sectors due to long-term use of BT software downloads.Specifically, when several files data recovery from hard drive free software on the disk are read and written, the hard disk repeatedly reads and writes and even makes the system data recovery from hard drive near me unresponsive, and finally prompts "the file can't be read".Then half of the scanning and formatting data recovery from harddrive idaho falls id of the hard disk can't be continued, only the sound of repeated gnawing on the hard disk can be data recovery from mcafee encrypted hard drive heard.The ZeroFill disk reset tool that clears logical bad sectors can't eliminate the bad sectors, so data recovery from seagate external hard disk it can be judged that the bad sectors are physical bad sectors.

  Many prawns will recommend two data recovery from solid state hard drive methods to deal with the physical bad sectors of the hard disk: one is to perform low-level formatting; data recovery from tablet without usb port the other is to use software to shield the bad sectors.I firmly oppose the first method.We must know data recovery from toshiba external hard drive that there is no way to eliminate the physical bad sectors of the hard disk.The low-level formatting data recovery from transcend external hard disk of the hard disk has no effect on the physical bad sectors at all, and the prolonged violent read data recovery from undetected external hard disk and write during the low-format process will accelerate the spread of the bad sectors.The author data recovery from usb drive free download once had a piece of old Quantum 6.4G was scrapped due to the occurrence of a small number of bad sectors data recovery from usb drive free software and low format.Regarding the second method of shielding, I personally think that this is the only data recovery from usb external hard drive effective way to deal with bad sectors so far.(The hard disk within the warranty period should be data recovery from usb free software download replaced immediately or returned to the factory for repair) However, shielding bad sectors requires a data recovery from wd external hard disk lot of tools and involves "complex" bad sector location calculation problems.If you are not a data recovery from wd external hard drive prawn-level player, this is really a big problem.Fortunately, with the small tool FBDISK, it can locate data recovery hard drive based in date the bad sectors by scanning the hard disk and automatically calculate the plan to shield the bad data recovery hard drive data recovery services sectors.The author is using the latest version of FBDISK,

  The new version of FBDISK (the name can be data recovery insurance for external on xbox downloaded) has increased support for multiple hard disks compared to the old version, which means data recovery mac hard drive on pc that the hard disk to be repaired can be connected to any IDE head.Of course, the FBDISK program can data recovery of hard drive san jose only be run in the DOS environment, so you must use an MS-DOS bootable floppy disk, CD or hard disk data recovery on a bad hard drive with DOS system to start the system.Next, I will begin to treat this Seagate U8.It should be noted data recovery on broken external hard drive that if you still have useful data stored in your hard disk, please back it up as much as possible, data recovery on dead external hard drive because FBDISK will destroy all the data on the disk during the repair process.

  First type A: FBDISK data recovery on external hard drive craiglist at the DOS command prompt.EXE (assuming the program is in the root directory of Disk A), and then data recovery on external hard drive craigslist you will see the hard disk selection interface as shown in Figure 01.

  Select the hard disk you want data recovery on external hard drive mac to repair and press Enter to confirm, the software prompts "Start scan hard disk ?(Y/N)", press the data recovery on failed external hard drive Y program to start scanning the hard disk.The locations of bad sectors found during scanning will data recovery on failed hard drive mac be listed on the screen one by one (as shown in Figure 02), and the percentage of scanning progress data recovery on failed hard drive seagate and the remaining time will be displayed below.

  However, the remaining time indicated by the program data recovery on hard drive in seattle is very inaccurate, and it is usually exaggerated.Generally, a 10G hard drive is almost the same data recovery on my external hard drive in 20 minutes.After the disk scan is completed, the program will automatically provide you with a data recovery on non working hard drive partition plan, which can divide the hard disk into four partitions according to the condition of maximum data recovery on phone without usb debugging utilization on the premise of shielding the bad track. The format is FAT32.(As shown in Figure 03 data recovery on seagate external hard disk ) However, the number of partitions is only limited to four.If the bad sectors on the disk are scattered data recovery on seagate external hard drive more widely, you can only use the four continuous disk "blocks" with the largest area.Fortunately, data recovery on usb drive vey slow the bad sectors on the Seagate U8 of the author are relatively concentrated, and the total loss data recovery on very old hard drive after partitioning is less than 500MB.In fact, no matter the situation is good or bad, we recommend data recovery other software hard drive repair that you accept the program provided by the program.So you have to enter the "Write to disk ?(Y/N)" data recovery plan for external hard drives after the prompt, answer "Y".Then FBDISK will record the location and information of each partition. data recovery program for external hard drive

  Finally, we must format the new partition before it can be used.However, the author found that the data recovery service for laptop hard drive partition DiskGenius and other tools generated by FBDISK can be recognized and formatted normally. data recovery service on broken hard drive Here I strongly recommend you to format each partition completely, so that you can further test whether data recovery software crashed external hard drive the new partition is intact.After formatting, you can use the repaired hard disk normally, and data recovery software damaged external hard drive the bad sectors have been hidden without showing any traces.

  1. The current FBDISK only supports data recovery software drive memory card usb hard disks with a capacity below 500GB, and hard disks larger than this capacity will not be recognized data recovery software files from hard drive by the program.

  2. If you feel that the partitions generated by FBDISK are not satisfactory to data recovery software for bad hard drive you, then you can record the location information of the partitions and use tools such as PQMagic to data recovery software for crashed hard drive split or shrink them, but you must not expand or move the location of the partition at will.