How to use windows 11 To Go to make Win11 system a External external hard drive to start Apple computer use[Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-26 05:40

  If you are using an Apple computer, but you must occasionally need to use the windows operating recover deleted files from usb windows 10 system, then although you can use Boot Camp and virtual machines to run the windows system, the most recover deleted files from usb windows 7 suitable for the less commonly used is the Windows To Go on the mobile hard disk. The win system is recover deleted files from usb without software installed in the mobile hard disk. When using it, the Apple computer will start the win system from recover deleted files from virtual hard drive the mobile hard disk. This method is most suitable for friends with a small disk space on the mac recover deleted files from wiped hard drive computer, because it does not occupy the hard disk space of the mac at all.

  So let's teach you how to recover deleted files hard drive mac free use Windows To Go to put the win10 system into the mobile hard disk and start it from the mac.

  1. recover deleted files in external hard disk Prepare a external drive or mobile hard drive that supports Windows To Go. Because the system needs recover deleted files in usb using cmd to be installed, the 4k speed of the U flash drive or mobile hard drive is required to read and recover deleted files lacie external hard drive write. Therefore, it is directly recommended that you use solid state drive type mobile It is made by recover deleted files my external hard drive hard disk, no special is needed, ordinary ssd type mobile hard disk will do, the capacity is recommended recover deleted files off external hard drive to be 120G, and the external hard drive is recommended to be larger than 32G, otherwise it can't recover deleted files off portable hard drive be used.

  2. In addition to the mobile hard disk itself, you also need to prepare a Win8 or higher recover deleted files on a usb freeware version of the enterprise Windows computer, either a desktop or a laptop.Make sure that the internet recover deleted files on hard drive mac connection and the computer will not crash easily.

  If you don't want to use the official WTG recover deleted files on mac hard drive installation method, you can also choose third-party software for quick installation.The following recover deleted files on seagate hard drive describes how to use the official WTG installation method to make, all of which are made under the win10 recover deleted files on usb stick free system computer and not under the mac computer.

  3. Download a separate ISO image file of Windows recover deleted files on wd networkhard drive 10 Enterprise Edition on a Windows computer. It must be the Enterprise Edition because the official recover deleted files seagate external hard drive WTG installation tool can only install the Enterprise Edition.(Other WTG tools can actually install recover deleted files usb drive mac free other versions, you can search for them)

  4. Next, load the Windows 10 Enterprise Edition ISO image recover deleted files usb drive windows 10 file (this step is very important). If you do not load the image file, WTG will not recognize the recover deleted files usb drive windows 7 image file when searching for the file. The loading can be achieved with a virtual CD-ROM tool.

  5. recover deleted files usb flash drive free Use the official WTG authoring tool to open the Start menu → Settings → Search on the Windows computer, recover deleted files xbox 360 hard drive search for the "Windows To Go" tool and start it.

  6. Then select your mobile hard disk, such recover deleted folder from external hard drive as the ssk mobile hard disk here, because it is not a certified mobile hard disk, so it will prompt recover deleted folder from usb flash drive that the performance may be affected, just ignore it.

  7. Then select the win10 enterprise version recover deleted folders on external hard drive image that was loaded with the virtual CD-ROM drive before, and then click Next.

  8. Then you will recover deleted folders on hard drive mac be asked to choose whether to code bitlocker password, it is recommended not to set.

  9. Then it will recover deleted games from formatted hard drive be prompted to delete the data of the entire mobile hard disk and format the mobile hard disk, so recover deleted images from pc hard drive back up the previous data. Just pay attention to whether there is any data.

  10. Then click Create, recover deleted items from external hard drive wait for the display to be successful, then the production will be successful.

  11. But this is recover deleted jpeg files from hard drive just the mobile hard disk with the system. You have to continue the operation to start the Apple computer, recover deleted jpeg from external hard drive so we need to include the drivers required by the Windows system in the Windows Support software, recover deleted jpg files from hard drive otherwise the Apple computer can't use the win10 system. The operation is Open Boot Camp on Mac, recover deleted jpg from external hard drive click Action in the top menu bar and choose to download Windows Support software.After the download recover deleted music from external hard drive is complete, drag it into a external drive for use.

  12. Connect the mobile hard disk of the completed recover deleted partition from external hard drive system to the USB port of the Apple computer, press the Apple computer power button and press the recover deleted partition on external hard drive Option key on the keyboard before the screen lights up. (Fighting hand speed, here is the same as recover deleted photos android broken usb port Boot Camp switching operating system steps)

  13. On the boot disk page, select the WTG boot disk, recover deleted photos external hard drive free which is usually displayed as a yellow hard disk "EFI Boot".

  14. Select the EFI Boot launcher (not recover deleted photos from computer hard drive shown in the figure). When you enter Windows for the first time, you also need to install the Mac recover deleted photos from external hard disk driver.Insert the external drive with Windows Support software installed before.Then install the Boot recover deleted photos from external hard drive Camp driver in the normal steps to start the win10 system.

  Summary: If you just make a mobile hard recover deleted photos from formatted hard drive drive with win10 system, then you can directly use any win system computer to start it. If you want recover deleted photos from hard drive free to start an Apple computer, you have to install the Boot Camp driver, but in general it is very good recover deleted photos from hard drive freeware Convenient, the solid-state mobile hard disk also guarantees the speed of reading and writing, and recover deleted photos from hard drive mac there will be no lagging phenomenon, so there is no card phenomenon when office or playing other recover deleted photos from hard drive software games.