How to make a External external hard drive boot disk with multiple partitions[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-26 05:20

  Although the external hard drive is used to install the system, it can also be used as a boot disk hp 290 a0030 recovery usb factory for friends who have a large number of mobile hard disks. The advantage is that the capacity is hp bios crisis recovery usb method large, it can put a particularly large number of systems, and the probability of damage is much smaller, hp bios recovery flash drive usb and it is relatively stable, but There is a problem that the hard disk can't be partitioned after hp bios recovery usb flash drive making the boot disk, which is very inconvenient.So I want to be a hard disk boot disk that can be hp bios recovery usb not working used for booting and partitioning.

  There is no particularly good solution, but finally found a hp boot recovery failed hard drive solution, share it below.

  1. First download: Old Maotao external hard drive Maker v9.2. Open after hp chromebox not booting recovery usb installation, as shown in the figure below, the external hard drive shown inside is my Toshiba 1TB hard hp cloud recovery not detecting usb disk, I have already partitioned, so there are 3 partitions, partition H is the boot disk, this is hp copy recovery partition to usb not important, because the following will move Overwrite all partitions from the hard drive.

  2. hp create a bios recovery usb After clicking on the one-key creation to start the external hard drive, the following prompt box will hp create recovery usb from bios pop up, please backup the data inside before making, and then click OK to start making.

  3. After hp create recovery usb windows 8 the production is completed, the hard disk has only one partition, then close Lao Maotao, open another hp desktop recover image usb boot tool DiskGenius partition tool, use it to partition the mobile hard disk, because the Chinese hp dv9000 bios recovery from usb software is very easy to partition operation.

  4. Find the boot hard disk and right click the mouse, hp envy 14 k110nr recovery usb select Adjust partition size, adjust the boot partition to the desired size, I allocated 20G space to hp envy 17t bw000 recovery usb the boot disk.Click OK and wait for the partition adjustment to complete.

  5. After the partition hp envy 17t usb recovery stick adjustment is completed, there are more than 900G of free space behind. I divided this free space hp envy 27 p014 recovery usb into two partitions, one in NTFS format and the other in FAT32.The boot disk can no longer be used after hp envy x360 recovery usb disk partitioning and formatting.Exit DiskGenius at this time .

  6. Open the old Maotao again, after hp envy x360 usb recovery tool identifying the hard disk, click the startup disk to upgrade, after the upgrade is finished, click hp external hard drive data recovery the simulation start, during this process, a boot error will be prompted, a prompt whether to repair hp hard disk drive data recovery or not, it is OK after confirming the repair, restart the computer after the repair is complete and hp hard drive data recovery tool try it , Can start.

  7. At this point, the mobile hard disk has completed the creation of a boot hp hard drive failure recovery disk disk with multiple partitions.

  So the problem that we encountered before using the USB boot disk hp hard drive failure recoving windows creation tool to boot the mobile hard disk, and then partition the boot disk can not be used, is solved, hp laptop corrupted bios recovery usb so that it does not delay the boot function, and the mobile hard disk is more convenient to use. hp laptop hard drive data recovery NS.