Lianyang IT1177 Master Control external hard drive Mass Production Repair Experience[Win11 Solutions]

14 2021-08-26 04:50

  The external drive controlled by Lianyang IT1177 generally appears in the company gift external using a windows 10 recovery usb drive, and the gift external drive will have two partitions. One is a fixed company declared data and using dell recovery usb windows 10 can't be deleted. Disks may also have problems, such as write protection can't be used, etc. At this using dell windows 10 recovery usb time, mass production tools are needed to repair the two partitions or external hard drive can't be using diskpart to recover the usb used, because other tools are generally powerless for these problems, so we must only You need to using recovery usb drive windows 10 determine whether the master control is this, you can use this experience to refer to the repair.

  1 using recovery usb in windows 8.1 . First insert the external hard drive into the computer, and use ChipGenius software to check whether using recovery usb to repair disk the main controller is Lianyang IT1177, as shown in the figure below, this external hard drive using recovery usb windows 10 dell is.

  2. There has been no mass production tool for Lianyang IT1177 before. Fortunately, it was released using sans to recover hard drive recently. Download the mass production tool DtMPTool V1 first.77D.7.9.H

  Then open the mass using the dell usb recovery medi a production tool, click Refresh, you can recognize the external drive, and then we click Settings to set using toshiba windows 8 recovery usb it, generally speaking, the default is OK, one thing to note, the automatic recognition of the drive using ubuntu to recover hard drive in the upper right corner of the tool may not recognize our external drive. At this time, we can using usb recovery drive windows 10 choose to manually approve the disk.

  3. Then click start to start mass production. It may take 1 hour using usb recovery drive windows 8 in time. Everyone patiently waits for mass production to succeed. If it is unsuccessful, mass produce using usb system recovery windows 10 several times, generally don't care about it, wait for enough time to see if it is successful. using windows 10 usb recovery drive You can, of course, do not set the computer to hibernate these, otherwise mass production will fail.

using windows 8 1 recovery usb   Summary: No matter what external hard drive, after mass production is successful, the two partitions using windows recovery usb commsnd prompt of our external hard drive will become a normal external hard drive partition, which can store using windows recovery usb win 8 data, and the one that can't be formatted and write-protected can be completely normal, so the volume vaio recovery disk new hard drive A real tool for repairing external hard drive.