Kingston Skytech SK6226BAAA mass production failed Error Code: 1403 57B solution[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-26 04:40

  As long as the chip is worry-free or the detection result of the ChipGenius tool is SK6226 and the recover pictures from hard drive crash flash memory identification code is: 98DE9482, do not mass produce (update: there is a mass production recover pictures from hard drive format tool for this flash memory, download it here), the only flash memory that this version does not recover pictures from hard drive free support is it If mass production fails, it can't be repaired and can only be returned to the factory.Any recover pictures from hard drive mac other flash memory can be mass-produced, no problem.

  The following is the experience of netizens recover pictures from laptop hard drive on the failure of mass production of this flash memory Kingston external hard drive:

  The following recover pictures from mac hard drive is the original external hard drive data

  Device description: [N:]USB Mass Storage Device(kingston recover pictures from macbook hard drive DT 100 G2)

  Device type: mass storage device

  Protocol version: USB 2.00

  Current speed: High recover pictures from old hard drive Speed

  Power consumption: 100mA

  USB device ID: VID=0951 PID=1653

  Device serial number: 001CC0 recover pictures from wiped hard drive EC34D2AC61AF

  Equipment supplier: Kingston

  Device name: DT 100 G2

  Device revision: 0000

  Product recover pictures from your hard drive manufacturer: kingston

  Product model: DT 100 G2

  Product revision: 1.00

  Chip maker: Skymedi

recover product key from hard drive   Chip model: SK6226AA (actually the SK6226BA chip detected an error)

  Flash memory identification recover product keys from external drive code: 98DE9482-Toshiba (Toshiba)-2CE/single channel [MLC-8K] -> Total capacity=16GB

  Online recover product keys from hard drive information:

  -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- recover programs after new hard drive --------- -----

  An error occurred when the mass production process reached the final format.

  My recover programs from old hard drive one is from Kingston, and the 0 of the vid number 0957 can't be entered.

  I feel that this mass recover ps4 account new hard drive production tool is not suitable for my external drive.

  Online information: Mass production error recover psd deleted files hard drive pictures

  You can see the prompt every time the low-level format reaches 28%

  Error Code: 1403(57B)

   recover pttx files from hard drive This prompt means that this mass production tool does not support this flash memory.Finally, I would recover ptx files from hard drive like to remind you that the external hard drive detection tool detects SK6226 (BA/AA) and the flash recover quickbooks data from hard drive memory identification code is: 98DE9482. Don't mass produce, I hope it can help everyone.