How to repair bad sectors on external hard drive with Disk Genius [Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-26 04:30

  DiskGenius is not only a hard disk partitioning and data maintenance software, it is also an expert best way to recover data from external hard drive at dealing with hard disk bad sectors, and its functions are not inferior to FBDISK.DiskGenius best way to recover deleted files from external drive Windows version is developed on the basis of the original DOS version.The Windows version of DiskGenius best way to recover files from corrupted hard drive software, in addition to inheriting and enhancing most of the functions of the DOS version (a few best way to recover files from formatted hard drive unimplemented functions will be added one after another), it also adds many new functions.Such as: best way to recover files from old hard drive deleted file recovery, partition copy, partition backup, hard disk copy and other functions.Also added bitlocker store multi recovery key in usb flash drive support for vmware virtual hard disk.More functions are being produced and are constantly improving.The block bad sectors on hard drive to recover dat a software interface is shown on the right

  Download the DiskGenius name first.

  After downloading, block bad sectors on hard drive to recover date there is no need to install it, just unzip it to the hard disk and you can use it.As you can boot cd recover dell workstation t3600 hard disk drivers see, the copyright was developed by a man named Li Dahai, who had been exposed to thunder as early as boot from a windows 10 flash usb recovery drive the DOS era.

  Double-click Disk Genius.exe can be run, the program interface diagram is as follows, boot from windows 10 recovery usb drive dell inspiron and the software's help document about hard disk partitioning and formatting is written in detail.

boot into recovery from usb windows 10 start up   Here you can see a hard disk with a nominal size of 320G, but the display capacity is 298G, which boot yoga pro from from a windows recovery usb is normal

  First select a logical disk, such as logical disk H, then click the "hard disk" menu, booting from usb windows 10 recovery stuck blue screen select "bad sector detection and repair" to detect.As shown below:

  After clicking "Bad Sector Detection bought new ps4 recover data from ps4 hard drive and Repair", the pop-up dialog box will show the cylinder range of the H disk, and then we can broke computer can i fix with recovery usb drive click "Start Detection".

  After clicking "start detection" to scan, the scanning progress dialog box built in software to recover hard drive files mac will pop up. The following figure shows the scene when the E disk is detected. When a bad sector is burn surface 3 recovery image onto usb on pc scanned, it will make a "click, click" sound, but it will be scanned in a while.After completion, ca ch khoi phu c windows bang usb recovery there will be a prompt message whether there are bad sectors and how many bad sectors are there.

  If cables for mounting hard drive data recovery best buy there are bad sectors, we can delete the partition, and then divide the 10~20MB space before and can a recovery drive help a failing hard drive after the bad sector into a separate area. Then hide the partition, so that bad sectors can be hidden can a window recovery disc be an external drive to prevent the spread of physical bad sectors on the hard disk. The specific operations of deleting can anything be recovered from a formatted hard drive partitions, creating partitions, and hiding partitions are written in the DiskGenius help manual in can computer boot from recovery disk without hard drive detail.

  Of course, we can also test the entire physical hard drive.

  Data is priceless and you can data be recovered even from a usb killer need to be cautious.