Diskgenius external hard drive data repair partition tool V492371 2016 latest professional version[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-26 04:00

  external hard drive tool introduction:

  Here to share with you a very good hard disk data repair recover music files from dead hard drive partition tool.The function of the change tool is very powerful, and it is currently the home of the recover music files from formatted hard drive latest version of the external hard drive

  DiskGenius is a disk partition software, and it is also recover music from ipod classic hard drive a data recovery software.Can backup and restore partition table, rebuild MBR master boot record, recover my data from external hard drive clear reserved sectors, convert partition table type to GUID/MBR format, convert dynamic disk to basic recover my data from usb asking format disk, detect and repair bad sectors in hard disk.

  Reset bad sector records, quickly partition or recover my data on external hard drive delete designated partitions, create or open virtual hard disk files, partition, format designated recover my documents from another hard drive partitions, or hide designated partitions, convert partitions to logical partitions, convert partitions recover my files from broken hard drive to primary partitions, and adjust partitions Size, etc., check partition table errors with one recover my files from dead hard drive key, search for lost partitions, restore data from formatted or deleted files, backup partitions to recover my files from external hard drive designated mirror files, clone partitions or disks, etc., support conversion to external hard drive recover my files from usb free download boot mode ( USB-ZIP/USB-HDD) Home of external drives

  1. Support file display and read operation of recover my files from usb using cmd EXT4 file system.

  2. Sector editing function, supporting sector jump operations related to EXT4 recover my passport external hard drive free file system.

  3. Sector editing function, supporting data templates related to EXT4 file system. recover office 2007 key from hard drive external hard drive Home

  4. Support FDD format disks or mirrors formatted with EXT4 file system. USB recover office 2010 key from hard drive home

  5. Support to display the data distribution map of the EXT4 file system. USB home

  6. When recover office 2013 key from hard drive moving the cursor position through the keyboard on the data distribution graph, it is not allowed to recover office key from old hard drive move out of the distribution graph, and the function of moving up and down is added at the same time. recover office product key from external drive external hard drive Home

  7. When operating the GUID partition of Apple computers, do not clear recover office product key from hard drive the master boot record when unnecessary. USB home

  8. Optimize the display mode of the file cluster recover office product key mac hard drive list. external hard drive Home

  9. Correct the bug that the partition table can't be restored from recover old deleted files from hard drive the partition table backup with EXT2/3/4 partitions.

  10. Correct the display error of the EXT3 recover old files from formatted hard drive partition folder icon.

  11. Corrected the bug that partition expansion can't be performed in some recover old files windows 10 hard drive cases. USB home

  12. Correct the problem that uppercase hexadecimal characters (AF) can't be input when recover original gb on usb flash drive editing sectors. USB home

  1. Add the "Apply" button in the dialog box of constructing virtual recover os x yosemite from usb drive RAID to facilitate the instant display of the construction result after changing the parameters.

  2. recover ost file from old hard drive Improve the file reading speed of virtual RAID. USB home

  3. Virtual RAID configuration information recover outlook 2003 emails from hard drive can be displayed in the main interface.

  4. Corrected the bug that the 32-bit version can't create recover outlook 2007 contacts from hard drive a logical partition in the extended partition. USB home

  5. Correct the problem that files can't recover outlook 2007 emails from hard drive be copied to computers on the network.

  6. Corrected the problem that the software crashed when recover outlook contacts from crashed hard drive deleting files forcibly in some cases. USB home

  7. Corrected the problem that the partition can't be recover outlook contacts from old hard drive restored from the FAT32 partition image in some cases, and the problem that the FAT32 image can't be recover outlook data from old hard drive loaded to extract files.

  8. The function of recovering files is corrected, and the scan results recover outlook emails from crashed hard drive are not updated immediately after loading the scan progress in some cases.

  [V4.9.0.328] external recover outlook emails from formatted hard drive hard drive House

  1. Support exFAT file system format.Including exFAT file read and write, partition recover outlook emails from old hard drive backup and restore, partition cloning, capacity adjustment, lost partition recovery, file data recovery, recover outlook express emails from hard drive fast partition, batch format external hard drive and other functions.

  2. Increase hard disk recover outlook files from crashed hard drive S.M.A.R.T information display function. external hard drive Home

  3. In the sector editing function, recover outlook mail from old hard drive add a menu item that displays the cluster occupancy of the root directory.

  4. The function of recover outlook profile from crashed hard drive copying data blocks to the clipboard for sector editing, supports C language code, GREP hexadecimal, recover outlook settings from crashed hard drive Pascal language code and other formats. external hard drive Home

  5. The file size, number of clusters, recover overwritten data on a usb drive number of fragments and other information are displayed in the file cluster list dialog box. USB recover overwritten files on external hard drive home

  6. Display the "removable", "read-only", "solid" and other attributes of the disk.

  7. Improve recover partition and hard drives on linux the stability of the FAT32 partition file read and write function.

  8. Enhance the file recovery recover partition on external drive gparted mac function of FAT32 partition to improve the success rate. USB home

  9. Optimize the loading speed recover partition on seagate external hard drive of the partition data occupancy map. external hard drive Home

  10. Improve support for large-capacity recover passwords from another hard drive chrome NTFS partitions.

  11. Improve compatibility with damaged GUID partition table. external hard recover passwords windows 10 external hard drive drive Home

  12. When formatting a partition, the cluster size can't be smaller than the physical sector recover pc windows 10 new hard drive size of the disk.

  13. No drive letter is assigned by default when formatting hidden partitions. recover pdf files from formatted hard drive When the user needs to assign, cancel the hidden state of the partition before assigning the drive recover permanently deleted files external hard drive letter. external hard drive Home

  14. The search partition function, when the end position of the recover permanently deleted files from hard drive found partition exceeds 2TB, the option "This is a logical partition" will no longer be displayed.

  1 recover phone without usb debugging pixel 2 5. New partition dialog box, support "TB" unit. external hard drive Home

  16. When restoring (or recover photos and documents from hard drive cloning) the partition on the GPT disk, prevent the partition GUID from conflicting.

  17. Support for recover photos from a crashed hard drive files without file names in the NTFS file system.

  18. Bad track detection function, detailed recover photos from broken external hard drive information dialog box, can be sorted by clicking the title of the list. external hard drive Home

  19. recover photos from damaged external hard drive Bulk format external hard drive function, enhanced support for USB HUB.

  20. Corrected the problem recover photos from external hard drive free that copying files from the root directory of other partitions to the specified partition failed. recover photos from external hard drive mac

  21. Corrected the bug that the function of jumping to the specified sector of the file system recover photos from formatted external hard drive through the right-click menu of the file list failed.

  22. Correct the bug that the quick partition recover photos from formatted hard drive free function has partitions that are not aligned as required.

  23. Corrected the problem that the dialog recover photos from formatted hard drive mac window controls flickered when the FAT32 partition was deleted and restored by mistake. USB home

   recover photos from hard drive free download 24. Correct the bug that can't perform operations such as writing files, deleting files, non-destructive recover pics media with no hard drive adjustments, and cloning partitions to a dirty partition. external hard drive Home

  25. Corrected recover pictures from damaged external hard drive the problem that the data occupancy graph displayed abnormally when the partition was very recover pictures from macbook hard drive permissions small.

  26. Corrected the bug that files can't be previewed during the process of recovering deleted files recover pictures from toshiba external hard drive from FAT32 partition by mistake.

  27. Corrected the bug that the software crashed when creating recover pictures off of old hard drive a new partition on a blank disk larger than 2TB. external hard drive Home

  28. Corrected the problem recover pki certificates off external hard drive that the software crashed when saving the partition table after creating a new partition on the GPT recover pks certificates off external hard drive disk and choosing not to format the newly created partition. USB home

  29. Corrected the problem recover portable hard drive files after formatting that the display was not updated after setting the volume label for the removable disk NTFS partition. recover product key from external hard drive external hard drive Home

  30. Correct the bug that the EXT3 file system can't preview files and recover product key from failed hard drive does not display files in subdirectories. USB home

  31. Corrected the problem of unable to jump to recover product key from old hard drive the file record of the specified file after intelligently loading the NTFS partition. USB home

  Diskgenius recover product key from unbootable hard drive hard disk data repair partition tool V: