0xc0000022 Win11 activation error solution tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-26 03:50

  Newly installed win10 system, it must be activated, otherwise it can't be used for a long time, but dmg download mac os 9 in 1 usb recovery install disk it can be activated normally under normal circumstances, but if you encounter a problem when external hard disk data recovery software with free download activating win10 and the error 0xc is displayed, how to solve it.Here is a simple way to teach everyone.

free download data doctor recovery usb drive 3 0 1 5   In fact, this kind of problem is caused by unsuccessful activation. As long as the correct method hard drive not detected error please insert recovery disk is used to activate normally, the error can be solved.

  Method one, use activation software to how long does it take to recover windows 1p from usb solve

  For general home win10, use the universal version to activate it, and it can solve the 0xc error. how to create a windows 8 1 recovery usb flash drive The method of use is to unzip it after downloading, and then use the administrator to run this tool. how to create windows 8 1 recovery usb with windows 8 The interface is as shown in the figure below.

  We only need to click the Activate Windows VL how to make windows 8 1 recovery usb in command prompt button, wait for a while and the activation is successful, and then the system is really activated, and how to recover deleted files from hard drive windows 8 1 the 0xc error will not appear again.

  Method two, manual activation solution

  If you are using how to recover files from a usb drive site youtube com win10 enterprise version, or feel that the activation tool is not safe, you can manually fill in the how to recover files from old windows 8 1 hard drive activation code to solve the problem, the method is as follows

  1. Click Start-Run, or Windows + R how to recover video from an adt a adt16h hard drive to open the run, and then enter the Regedit command to open the "Registry Editor";

  2. Modify the how to reformat hard drive with windows 8 1 recovery drive value of SkipRearm to 1:

  This registry is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE–"SOFTWARE–"Microsoft–"Windows how to setup usb otg on your pc for twrp recovery NT–"CurrentVersion–"SoftwareProtectionPlatform, change the value of SkipRearm to 1, and then restart the how to use usb otg on your pc for twrp recovery computer

  3. Click Start-Run, enter the command cmd, then enter SLMGR -REARM in the dos window, and hp pavilion dv7 6100 usb windows 7 64 bit recovery kit restart the computer again according to the prompts!

  4. Run cmd to open the dos window and continue download msi com uti exe nb f3 recovery usb zip to enter commands

  A pop-up window prompts: "The product key was successfully installed".

  Note www minitool com create a bootable recovery usb disk html that the key here should be filled in according to your own system, here is the key suitable for the forums majorgeeks com threads hard drive disaster recovery software 31236 official Win10 enterprise version, and you can find the corresponding key online for other www coolmuster com android recover samsung without usb debugging html versions.

  5. Continue to enter the command: slmgr /skms kms.03k.org

  The key management service computer www groovypost com howto create windows 10 usb recovery drive name is successfully set

  6. Enter the command again: slmgr /ato

  After pressing the Enter key, a www minitool com create a bootable recovery usb disk html pop-up window will prompt: "Successfully activated the product".

  Summary: In this way, the activation www minitool com hard drive recovery io device error html is successful, and the 0xc error will not be prompted. The above two methods can solve this www..com backup recovery clone hard drive to usb flash drive.html problem, and it can be used for a long time without problems with win10.