How to use router port mapping tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

48 2021-08-26 03:30

  Many people may not know that the router has a port mapping function. By default, after the computer how to create recovery usb windows 8.1 goes online through the router, the computer on the external network can't access the data in your how to create surface 2 recovery usb computer, so if you want to remotely check the files and files of the computer at home The software how to create usb recovery windows 10 can't be accessed, and if port mapping is used, it is fine, so we need to enable port mapping on how to create usb recovery windows 7 the router. Of course, if you don't have these requirements, you don't need to enable this function, how to create usb recovery windows 8 and there are several names for port mapping, such as port Forwarding, virtual server.

  First of how to create usb windows 10 recovery all, we understand the difference between the common functions of the next routers:

  Port mapping: map how to create w 10 recovery usb one or several ports to a certain internal IP address, and different ports can be mapped to different how to create win 10 recovery usb IPs.

  DMZ host: map all ports to the same host.

  UPnP: Which port is opened by the application how to create windows 10 recovery usb and the router through negotiation.

  Here we are talking about the first port mapping, which is the how to create windows 10 usb recovery function that needs to be used for remote connection. Let's teach you how to use port mapping.

  1 how to create windows 7 recovery usb . To enable port mapping, you need to fix the computer's ip, because the router automatically assigns how to create windows 8 recovery usb the IP by default, this will change, so fix it, the operation is

  First, we click on start in the how to create windows 8.1 recovery usb lower left corner, run, and enter cmd; or direct shortcut key win+R to call out and run, then enter how to create windows recovery disk usb cmd, and enter the command ipconfig in the cmd window

  You can see that there is an ipv4 address how to create windows xp recovery usb in the wireless network connection, that is, the default ip assigned by your computer is how to crete a recovery image usb 1. We need to fix this ip. Of course, your ip is not necessarily this ip, just write it down. For how to data recovery dead hard drive example, yours is 192.168.0.*Or 192.168.1.*

  2. Click the wifi icon in the lower right corner, then how to data recovery hard drive software click the name of the connected wireless network, right-click and click the status

  If you have a how to delete hard drive recovery partition wired network, click the wired icon.

  3. Click the Properties button in the wireless network connection how to delete recovery folders on usb window

  4. Then double-click the ipv4 protocol

  5. Enter the ip 192 you noted before.168.31.71, how to download hp bios recovery usb fill in 192 for the default gateway.168.31.1. Fill in dns with spare dns fill 114.114. how to download windows 10 recovery usb 114.114

  Then click OK, so that the ip is fixed, note: if your ip is 192.168.1.*Series, then the how to download windows 7 recovery usb default gateway is Other ip analogy.

  6. The ip is fixed, we need to go to the router to how to enable usb debugging from recovery open the port mapping function.

  Take the tp-link router as an example, log in to the router how to errase a recovery drive usb management interface. Generally, the default gateway is the router management login entry, enter the login how to external hard drive data recovery password, and then click "Application Management" in the management interface and then click "Virtual how to find recovered files on usb Server"

  7. Then you will see several buttons, click: add button, start configuration

  8. Then how to fix usb with recovered file fill in the port number that needs to be forwarded in "external port" and "internal port"; the port how to fix usb with recovery file number can be determined by yourself, fill in 3389 here;

  Our fixed ip before filling in the IP how to format a chrome recovery usb address: Just click "Save", do not select common servers, select ALL for the protocol how to format asus laptop with usb type.

  Then you can access the intranet computer from the external network.