How to disable and enable the external hard drive to automatically open the tutorial after inserting it into the computer[Win11 Solutions]

10 2021-08-26 03:20

  If you have used a external drive, you must have encountered that some computers will automatically hp vista phoenix award bios crisis recovery usb open the external drive, but some computers will not have any response. You need to go to my computer hp windows 10 recovery partition hard drive crash to open the external drive folder by yourself. What is going on.How can we control when they are hpe create usb uefi bootable recovery from backup automatically opened and when they are not turned on.Here is how to do it:

  Method 1. Group policy hpe uefi usb spp 2017 1 recovery environment setting method: Press "Windows+R" to open the "Run" window, enter "gpedit.msc" to enter the local index.php threads bootable usb recovery drive.303642 group policy editing interface.

  After entering the "Local Group Policy Editing" interface, expand create a bootable recovery usb disk.html and open the Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-System-So Configuration Items in turn, forum 278914 32 recover drive format and find the "Turn off AutoPlay" item on the right and double-click.

  From the "Turn off autoplay" threads hard drive disaster recovery software.31236 window that opens, check the "Disabled" item to enable the autoplay function after the device is plugged store apps details id en into the computer. Click "OK" to complete the setting.

  Method two, "control panel" modification www securedatarecovery com services hard drive recovery method.

  Enter the "Control Panel", find the "AutoPlay" item, click to enter the detailed settings www stellarinfo com hard drive recovery php interface.

  From the "AutoPlay" interface that opens, find the corresponding "Device" column. For categories best hard drive recovery services example, the editor sets for "Removable Drive", click the "drop-down list" on the right side of android recover samsung without usb debugging.html "Removable Drive", and select "Open File" Folder to view the file or "ask every time" item, click the " create a bootable recovery usb disk.html save" button to.

  Method three. I don't know why it will automatically open them no matter I insert hard drive recovery io device error.html a external hard drive or a mobile hard disk recently. Sometimes I don't need to open them automatically. blog toshiba external hard drive recovery What happened? The result is a 360 problem. Let's teach you how to turn off this function.

  Right-click hw to use a surface windows recovery usb the icon of 360 Security Guard in the lower right corner, and then click the Settings hwo to recover deleted photos on a usb button.

  Find the external hard drive safety protection in the safety protection center, and then select i have a windows recovery usb 1vp4 ipv6 the do not disturb mode, it will not automatically turn on. If you want to automatically turn on, i have a windows recovery usb 1vp4 ivp6 you only need to select the normal mode.