The external hard drive refuses to access and needs a solution to the formatting problem[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-26 02:50

  external hard drive refuses to access, need a solution to the formatting problem

  Recently, when recover files auto deleted from usb using a external drive, I encountered a external drive inserted into the computer, and when it was recover files broken external hard drive opened, it prompts to deny access, can't read the data in the external drive, or prompts that the recover files cut from hard drive device is not formatted and needs to be formatted for use. You can be sure that the external drive is recover files damaged usb memory stick used. There is no problem in itself. What is the problem? How to deal with this kind of problem? The recover files deleted from usb cnet following describes the solution to the problem in detail. external hard drive Home

  1. First of recover files deleted off usb drive all, it is necessary to rule out whether the external hard drive is poisoned, and then use anti-virus recover files delted external hard drive software for anti-virus. USB home

  2. Use the method of modifying the registry to try to solve the recover files external hard drive noisy problem. external hard drive Home

  3. If the above problem still can't be solved, open "Computer" recover files from a magneted usb and right click "Manage".Open "Device Manager" external hard drive Home

  4. Check "Device Manager"-" recover files from a raw usb Universal Serial Bus Controller" and there is no yellow exclamation mark, and the right-click recover files from an erased usb "Properties" shows that the USB devices are all normal.There is no change in updating the driver, and it recover files from apple hard drive is still okay to scan and detect hardware changes.

  5. Unplug the problematic USB (external hard recover files from bad hard drive drive that is denied access), you will find that one of the drivers under the bus controller is missing, recover files from bad usb drive plug it in again, and see which one of the bus controllers reappears when you plug in the external recover files from bitlocker hard drive hard drive Right click on it to "uninstall".(key step)

  6. Install "Drive Life 6" or other driver recover files from broken hard drive installation software. Because the driver is uninstalled, there is no response when the external recover files from broken usb drive hard drive is plugged in. Then turn on Driver Life 6, click on the peripheral driver, re-check, and recover files from broken usb mac you will find that there are drivers inside. Not normal, then repair the driver, or click install recover files from corrupted external drive driver, it can be used after installation. external hard drive Home

  The external hard drive refuses recover files from corrupted hard drive to access and needs a solution to the formatting problem: