How to make an installed external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-26 02:20

  How to make an installed external drive

  How to make the installation process of the external raid 1 hard drive failure recovery drive?This is the question of a lot of users. In fact, the process of how to make an installed external raid 1 hard drive recovery software drive is very simple. Today I will introduce how to make an installed external drive.

  The first raid 5 hard drive failure recovery step: the preparation of software and hardware before making the USB boot disk

  1. A external hard raid hard drive data recovery software drive (try to use a external hard drive above 1G) 2. Go to the official website of external hard drive raidiator 4 1 usb recovery tool King to download the external hard drive Boot Disk Creation Tool external hard drive Home

  Step raidiator 4 2 usb recovery tool 2: Use "U Qi Wang" to make a bootable external drive

  Run the downloaded " to rapids bar hard drive recovery equipment decompress, and then install. Tip: Try to close anti-virus software and security software before running raspberry pi hard drive data recovery the program (this software involves reading and writing operations on removable disks, and the false raw data recovery external hard drive alarms of some anti-virus software will affect program errors.!) external hard drive Home

  After raw file system hard drive recovery the installation is complete, directly double-click "U Qi Wang 5.2.exe" to run; Windows Vista or system raw hard drive data recovery software download win7/8 system, please right-click "U Qi Wang 5.2.exe" to run as an administrator. USB raw hard drive recovery without formatting home

  2. After inserting the external hard drive, click the "One-click to make a USB boot disk" button, raw usb drive in mac recovery the program will prompt whether to continue, confirm that the selected external hard drive has no rca cambio 10 recovery usb boot important data and start making:

  [During the production process, please do not perform other readynas duo v1 usb boot recovery operations to avoid the failure of the USB boot disk creation. Please wait patiently during the production readynas os 6 usb recovery tool process. When the production is completed, the production of the boot external drive will be readynas usb flash recovery 4.1.8.img download completed.】

  Step 3: Download the required gho system files and copy them to the bootable external hard reboot into recovery usb surface 2017 drive. external hard drive Home

  Copy the downloaded GHO file or GHOST ISO system file to the "GHO" reboot windows 7 recovery from usb folder of the external hard drive.If you just reinstall the system disk, you don't need to format rebooting from a recovery usb drive other partitions on the computer, and you can put GHO or ISO in other partitions other than the hard recover 4k video file hard drive disk system disk.

  The fourth step: enter the BIOS to set the boot sequence of the external hard recover a crashed external hard drive drive. USB home

  When the computer starts, press the "del" or "F8" key to enter the specific settings recover a dead external hard drive of the BIOS setup.(According to different motherboard types, press different keys to enter.) Home recover a file from my usb of USB

  Step 5: Start the quick installation system with external hard drive.

  Method 1: Install recover a folder from usb drive the "U Qiwang Smart Quick Install PE Version Software" into the PE.

  U Kai Wang external hard recover a formatted external hard drive drive One-Key Restore Backup System Runs the default display of the system image files in the external recover a hard drive formatted dat a hard drive. If you don't find the image you need, you can click the More button to list all the recover a hard drive thats clicking available system images in the disk. After you select it, restore to C drive is fine. ↑ Recommended use recover a hard drive that's clicking method 1 of U Kai Wang external hard drive Editor. USB home

  Method 2: Do not enter the PE installation, recover a hard drive with linux enter the DOS installation

  Rename the gho system file in the GHO folder of the external hard recover a hard drive without formatting drive to "uqw.gho".Insert the external hard drive to boot and select [04] to enter the GHOST backup recover a lost passport hard drive and restore system all-in-one menu, and then select the first item "Install GHO without PE into the recover accidentally formatted apple hard drive first partition of the hard disk" to enter the installation system state.

  To sum up, the method recover active directory from hard drive of how to make a external drive for installation is all over here.

  How to make an installed external recover admin password windows 7 usb drive: