How to use the free secret file encryption software tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-26 02:10

  In the computer, we often have some more important and private files that we don't want others to how to use recovery usb windows 7 see or move. In this case, we hope to encrypt the folder.Everyone knows that folders can actually be how to use recovery usb windows 8 encrypted directly in the computer, but this encryption method is actually not safe, we can easily how to use recovery usb windows 8.1 decrypt them, so we need a professional folder encryption software.There are many encryption software how to use the dell recovery usb on the network now, so which folder encryption software is better.

  At present, many folder how to use toshiba recovery media usb encryption software on the Internet are charged, but the encryption effect is not very good, and the cost how to use usb recover partition hp performance is very low.In this regard, the editor recommends a simple, effective, and free folder how to use usb recovery windows 10 encryption software for everyone. It is——Secret Folder Encryption Software.

  The secret folder how to use win 8 recovery usb encryption software is a powerful and easy-to-use encryption software, with file encryption, folder how to use windfows 10 recovery usb encryption, data shredding, completely hiding hard disk partitions, prohibiting or read-only use of USB how to use windows 10 recovery usb devices, etc. The software uses a high-strength encryption algorithm , Add a password to the folder how to use windows 7 recovery usb to make your folder more secure.It is worth mentioning that its encryption speed is extremely fast, how to use windows 8 recovery usb hundreds of gigabytes of data only need 1 second to complete, there is no size limit, the encryption how to use windows 8.1 recovery usb effect is very good.

  Let's take a look at the operation process of the secret folder encryption how to use windows usb recovery drive software:

  Step 1: Download the secret folder encryption software on this site, click the name to how to.recover a xbox one hard drive download.

  Step 2: Open the secret folder encryption software, you can see that there are several how too recover a bad hard drive options on the left side of the software, here we choose "Encrypted Folder", the software will pop up a how top use windows 10 recovery usb prompt window, let you choose the folder that needs to be encrypted, here we Choose a folder and how use recovery off a usb drive click the "OK" button.

  Step 3: The software prompts the user to enter the password for the folder hp 11 n010dx bios recovery from usb encryption. The user needs to enter the password and confirm it again, then set the protection method, hp 15 f100dx recovery bad hard drive and then click "OK".

  Step 4: Here everyone can see that the encryption is successful, and the hp 20 c34 recovery hard drive replacement software will list the contents of the encrypted folder.

  Step 5: The user can try to open the encrypted hp 290 a0030 recovery usb factory replace folder, then you will be prompted to enter the password, you can enter the password and click the hp bang and olufsen laptop recovery usb "OK" button, the folder can be opened normally.

  The above is the folder encryption process of the hp bio recovery usb program not creating secret folder encryption software. The whole process is quite simple. You can try it. I believe that hp bios update and recovery usb maker with this software, you don't have to worry about others viewing your privacy.