How to turn on the breathing light effect of Yincan IS903/IS902e and repair mass production tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-26 01:30

  Everyone knows about mass production of boot disks or repairing external drives, but do you know recover data from mac hard drive via windows that mass production can change the light effect of external drives? Tutorials.The mass production recover data from old hard drive windows 8 process of 903 and 902e is the same. I hope to help those who need it. I am also a rookie. If there is recover data from old laptop hard drive free anything wrong, I welcome the great gods to point out that it is also a process of learning and recover data from one hard drive raid 0 improving for yourself. The following is a mass production external drive. The graphic tutorial of recover data from pc hard drive to mac breathing light effect is also suitable for repairing external hard drive:

  First, you must download the recover data from physically damaged hard drive mac chip worry-free or ChipGenius test to determine whether your external hard drive is IS903 or IS902 recover data from ps4 hard drive with pc e, and then download its mass production tool:

  Yincan IS903 official new version of mass production recover data from raw external hard drive yodot tool V2.10.03.17

  Yincan IS902E MP Package V209_01 v2.10.03.78

  All are the green version of recover data from raw format hard drive free decompression and open the main program Innostor MPTool.exe can be used, as shown below:

  The first recover data from raw usb flash drive free step is to insert your external hard drive and open the mass production tool, and then click on the recover data from seagate external hard drive mac search device. If it is correctly identified, it will appear that there is your external hard drive recover data from seagate free agent external drive flash memory information as shown in the figure. After identification, press F6, F9 and the erase flash recover data from smart failure external hard drive memory will appear. If mass production is unsuccessful, you can try strong erasure.

  The next step recover data from the 3 beeping hard drive is to click on the mass production settings above, and then set as shown in the figure below. To recover data from unreadable external hard drive mac achieve the effect of the breathing light, the main thing is to set the LED. Just choose the blinking recover data from usb flash drive not recognized style as PWM according to the figure.

  If you want to make a boot disk, check the sector partition recover data from wd blue portable hard drive management. Since the USB3 Yincan master control is very compatible with the boot disk, it will not recover data from wii u external hard drive be introduced here, and do not check it.

  Then click option to check support DDR, but I heard that recover data off a dead external hard drive the cache speed will increase, I tried it and it didn't make much difference. I don't know if it's recover data off a smart error hard drive the case.

  After the setting is complete, click Archive, then return to the tool mass production recover data off broken external hard drive service interface, click to start mass production.Wait a while to see the progress bar keep advancing.

  If the recover data off external hard drive with testdisk progress bar is displayed in green after the progress bar is finished, it means mass production has recover data off of seagate barracuda external drive been successful.

  The mass production tools used (903 does not use the latest, and someone said recover data old hard drive runs not recognized that after the latest mass production, only you can recognize it, and other versions of mass production recover data on bad hard drive you tube tools are not recognized), IS902E mass production is similar, general, Let's try it, as long as recover data on hard drive with bad sectors it is a genuine external drive, mass production is basically risk-free.