The easiest tutorial to modify the dual SIM card and use the memory card at the same time with SIM card TF and or card slot[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-26 01:20

  The so-called dual sim card and TF card and or card slot means that you can only use dual sim cards hp bios recovery usb flash drive but not memory cards. If you want to use a memory card, you must discard one sim card, that is to hp bios recovery usb not working say, dual sim cards and memory cards. Can not exist at the same time, this is because of the limitation hp boot recovery failed hard drive of the sim card slot design. After all, there are only two card placement positions so there is hp chromebox not booting recovery usb no way to use dual cards + TF cards at the same time. Dual cards and TF cards are running at the same hp cloud recovery not detecting usb time and 3 cards are used at the same time.

  Moreover, the modification is very simple, it will hp copy recovery partition to usb not damage your mobile phone, and it will not damage the TF card. Here is a step by step:

  Looking hp create a bios recovery usb at the online tutorials, it is either very complicated, the calipers are all out, or they need to be hp create recovery usb from bios polished, all kinds of grinding, grinding TF card, grinding SIM card, simpler use 502 glue, more hp create recovery usb windows 8 complicated use hot glue, so the TF card does not have a warranty Actually, we don't have to be so hp desktop recover image usb boot troublesome at all, basically it can be done in 10 minutes.But there is a tool that is essential, let's hp dv9000 bios recovery from usb take a look at the picture below.

  First, use a lighter and bake it with tweezers. It takes about 3 hp envy 14 k110nr recovery usb seconds. Peel off the plastic, and you will be left with a SIM card chip like this.As shown

  This hp envy 17t bw000 recovery usb is a mobile card. The current mobile card is like this. There is a hot glue in the middle that protects hp envy 17t usb recovery stick the middle chip. It is bulging. It's okay.!I will teach you how to deal with it.

  3M double-sided hp envy 27 p014 recovery usb tape!It can only be 3M double-sided tape, because 3M double-sided tape is very thin and its viscosity hp envy x360 recovery usb disk is 3 times that of general double-sided tape.!(Ordinary double-sided tape is also available, but hp envy x360 usb recovery tool the stickiness is not so good. Use it if you are not afraid of the SIM card shifting when you push hp external hard drive data recovery it in.) Place the SIM card chip side directly on the 3M tape, and then put the tape next to the chip. hp hard disk drive data recovery Cut off.

  Then take out your sharpest knife, it is best if the blade is curved, because we have hp hard drive data recovery tool to do a little action, the curved blade is easier to make such a cut.

  Dig a hole for the 3M hp hard drive failure recovery disk double-sided tape with a knife along the raised part of the middle chip, cut off the skin first, and then hp hard drive failure recoving windows remove the glue inside.

  Okay, that's it. Then, tear off the skin and stick the SIM card on your TF hp laptop corrupted bios recovery usb card. Pay attention to the direction of the card. It's okay even if it's reversed, because our method hp laptop hard drive data recovery is non-destructive and you can take it apart. Come again.

  Pinch the SIM card and the TF card hp laptop hard drive recovery partition firmly. The best effect is that the four sides are glued to the TF card. Because there is no double-sided hp laptop recovery new hard drive tape in the middle of the SIM card, the SIM card is basically on the TF card. A flat surface hp laptop recovery usb windows 10 without protruding in the middle.Then when you push in the card slot, it will be a little tighter, but hp laptop recovery windows 10 usb it will not affect the phone at all. There is no problem when you pull it out. Just use the card hp laptop windows 10 recovery usb picker to push it out a little bit with your fingernail. completely fine.

  Summary: This method is hp mini 110 recovery usb download simple and convenient. It is suitable for all mobile phones with AND or card slots. It not only achieves hp mini 210 recovery usb download large-capacity expansion but also allows mobile phones to achieve dual card dual standby. It is hp mini bios crisis recovery usb really easy to use. Of course, this solution can only be applied. For the following type of card slot, hp notebook 15 usb recovery tool the card slot that does not support expansion is of course not acceptable.