How to make a UEFI bootable external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-26 01:10

  Teach you how to make a UEFI bootable external drive

  Many newcomers and friends want to learn make hp recovery usb windows 10 this skill in the production of UEFI boot external hard drive. Although it is easier on the XP system, make pasword recovery usb windows vist a but now everyone's computer configuration has become better, and the XP system has been eliminated. make recovery disck windows 10 usb More friends use it. For systems above Win7, the editor below will teach you how to make a UEFI make recovery disk usb windows 7 bootable external drive.

  Use the Windows7 USB download Tool to use the iso of Windows7 Ultimate x64 make recovery disk windows 7 usb SP1 to create a bootable external drive, and delete source/ei.cfg file, so when you install it, you make recovery drive into regular usb will be asked about the system version that needs to be installed, but the external hard drive after make recovery drive usb hp laptop doing this does not support UEFI boot and can't be installed on the GPT partition, so you need to make recovery usb drive windows 10 deal with it. external hard drive Home

  1. First, copy all the files on the external hard drive and make recovery usb from inside windows put them on the hard disk.

  2. Then format the external hard drive and choose FAT32. Choose FAT32 make recovery usb mac os x because UEFI can only boot the system from FAT32.

  3. After that, copy all the files back, and then make recovery usb windows 2008 r2 use 7z or good pressure to open the external hard drive\sources\install.wim file, be careful not to make start up usb windows recovery modify this file! Open the directory \1\Windows\Boot\EFI\ in the compressed file and find bootmgfw. make surface pro 2 recovery usb efi copied out and renamed to bootx64.efi. USB home

  4. Finally, find the \efi\Microsoft directory make symantec system recovery disk usb in the external hard drive, copy the boot folder to the upper level directory, which is \efi\boot, make usb recovery drive windows 10 and put bootx64.efi is also placed in this boot folder. external hard drive Home

  Through the above make windows 10 bootable recovery usb 4 steps, the external hard drive can be considered as a UEFI boot device by the motherboard.During make windows 10 bootable usb recovery the installation process, the system will automatically create the MSR-GPT protected partition. The make windows 10 pro recovery usb rest of the operation steps are not a problem, just follow the prompts step by step.If you still don' make windows 10 recovery boot usb t understand the content of the tutorial, it is recommended to make relevant backups before trying. make windows 10 recovery iso usb

  Teach you how to make a UEFI bootable external drive: