How to make the old computer realize the UEFI boot NVME SSD solid state drive into the system method[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-26 01:00

  Many people may not know that if you buy NVME solid state drives, some old computers may not be recover firefox history from hard drive usable, because many old motherboard bios do not support UEFI, which means that they do not bring UEFI recover firefox logins from hard drive bios, so if someone wants to use NVME If the solid state drive is used for the old motherboard, we recover firefox profile from hard drive need to find a way. First of all, we can hardly change the BIOS to support uefi to support the recover folder from external hard drive recognition of NVME, but this method has very high technical requirements, so let's teach you to use a recover folders from formatted hard drive external drive. To realize the method of identifying and booting our NVME SSD into the system.

  Because recover formatted external hard drive dat a if the old computer uses NVME solid state hard disk as the system disk, the startup speed will be recover formatted external hard drive free very fast, and the system will run very fast, so it is worth trying, so that the old computer will recover formatted external hard drive mac no longer be stuck.

  1. A blank small-capacity external hard drive, 1G will do, in fact, it only recover formatted external hard drive software needs 200M space.

  2. BootDiskUtility tool with local clover

  3. Prepare another external drive and recover formatted hard disk drive free use it with micro-pe 2.0 Make a external hard drive boot disk, and copy the windows installation recover formatted hard drive 2 times system image to the external hard drive, the capacity of the external hard drive may need 8G, depending recover formatted hard drive data free on how big your system is.

  Let's start teaching you how to do it:

  1. Insert the small-capacity recover formatted hard drive file versions external hard drive into the computer, and then open the BootDiskUtility software, as shown below

   recover formatted hard drive free download 2. Click on the options at the top of the tool, and select our cloveriso file in the local location. recover formatted hard drive mac free The BootDiskUtility tool provided by our external hard drive Network here comes with this iso, recover formatted hard drive on windows otherwise you will not be able to download the iso at all, so many people can't use this The tool is recover formatted hard drive using linux successful, and we have provided it here, there is no such problem. Click ok after setting the following recover formatted hard drive windows 10 picture.

  3. Then we select the external hard drive and click "Format Disk", wait for the production recover formatted hard drive windows 7 to be successful, the word All Done will be displayed.Note that this external drive will become recover formatted hard drive windows 8.1 the key to the old computer using NVMe SSD to boot the system, that is to say, this external drive recover formatted seagate external hard drive will replace the work of uefi bios to boot our SSD.

  Note that if there is a boot disk such as winpe recover formatted usb windows 10 reddit in the original external hard drive, first use the boot disk creation tool to restore the external recover from a failed hard drive hard drive capacity, and then use BootDiskUtility to do it step by step.

  4. After the production recover from a fied hard drive is completed, we open the external hard drive and find the NvmExpressDxe-64 under the EFICLOVERdrivers-Offdrivers64 recover from a hard drive crash UEFI folder.efi file,

  Copy him twice and put them in the EFICLOVERdrivers64 and recover from lenovo hard drive failure EFICLOVERdrivers64UEFI folders of the external hard drive respectively.

  The above step is the key to recover from usb touch bar mac start uefi, so you must check whether the copy is successful.

  5. Install the NVMe solid state drive recover g suite hard drive password on the computer, and temporarily unplug the previous SATA hard drive, first insert the external recover galaxy data broken screen usb drive that has made a micro-pe boot disk, and don't insert the other external drive.

  6. Set the BIOS recover game saves from hard drive to boot the computer from the external hard drive, and then enter win10pe or win7pe, use the partition recover gaming computer hard drive crash assistant (diskgenius tool) in PE to first convert the NVME SSD solid state drive to GPT partition, recover google chat history hard drive pay attention to the prompt to have EFI and ESP partition.

  7. After the solid-state hard disk recover google talk history hard drive partition is completed, we need to install the system copied to the external hard drive into the c recover hard drive after deleting partition disk of the solid-state hard disk using the windows system installer in winpe. Note that the system recover hard drive after logical failure here is recommended to use the official original version of win7 or win10.

  8. After the progress of recover hard drive after power outage the system installation under winpe is completed, we can plug another small-capacity external drive recover hard drive after power surge with clover into the computer. At this time, restart the computer and pull out the external drive recover hard drive after quick format from the micro-pe, and only plug in the clover external drive. In the bios, the computer is still recover hard drive afyer bios rewrote booted from the external hard drive, and then it will enter the clover startup interface, as shown recover hard drive c xp dat a below

  By default, the first option is pressed to continue to the new system installation, because we recover hard drive click of death have installed the system to the solid state drive under winpe, so just use clover to enter the solid recover hard drive data failed os state drive and it will automatically continue the windows installation.

  Summary: After the system recover hard drive data free download is installed, we boot into the system from the clover external hard drive every time we start the recover hard drive data free mac computer. It completely replaces the uefi bios, so that the old computer can enjoy the high-speed recover hard drive data free software reading and writing of the NVME solid state drive, and it will be completely revitalized. , And it is recover hard drive data from imac generally recommended to buy an M.2 The ssd to PCIE high-speed expansion adapter card allows the solid recover hard drive data from laptop state drive to be plugged into the old computer with pcie, which is faster.