The black film is over and the external hard drive is over[Win11 Solutions]

35 2021-08-26 00:50

  For an author who has been engaged in the development and sales of external hard drive master hard drive clean room data recovery control, participated in the black film trade, personally external hard drive manufacturing, and operated hard drive click of death recovery the finished product trade, on the one hand I saw the ups and downs of the external hard drive hard drive clicking noise data recovery controller chip design company, and on the other hand saw the black film Speculators often stock tens hard drive clicking noise recover dat a of millions, and then suddenly profited tens of millions.Here is a pun. On the one hand, it serves as hard drive comes up as recovery the end of the external drive, and on the other hand, it discusses the current overall market structure hard drive crash chances to recover of the external drive.

  Excuse me, how many people bought the external drive by themselves?

   hard drive crash data recovery services On this issue, we can clearly describe the market structure of external hard drive.Yes, the answer hard drive crash recovery windows 7 is that many people have a external drive in their hands, but most of them did not buy it by themselves, hard drive crashed heads data recovery and perhaps they have forgotten who gave it to him under what circumstances.

  The market for hard drive crashed no recovery disk external drives is very large. The largest market is the gift market, and the overseas gift market hard drive crashed recover minecraft worlds should account for at least 90%.Only a negligible part of the real over-the-counter sales circulation.In hard drive data recover birmingham alabam a the gift market, because it is a gift, no one cares about the quality of it.For example: shopping hard drive data recovery 100 warranty malls are engaged in activities, exhibition activities, you have been given a external drive with hard drive data recovery abu dhabi quality problems, may I ask them, will you go to them for a replacement. Will you complain about hard drive data recovery antelope c a quality?

  This is why the source of the strong vitality of black films in the external hard drive market hard drive data recovery arlington tx is determined by the demand structure.

  In the past few years, the external hard drive controller hard drive data recovery at home chip design company has been working very hard (the smart one has made a transition, as mentioned in hard drive data recovery atlanta g a the previous article) because the black film has the following characteristics:

  Black tablets hard drive data recovery austin frankenstein follow the production of flash, 90nm today, 70nm tomorrow, 50nm the day after tomorrow, and the structure hard drive data recovery austin texas is constantly upgrading.

  Each batch of black films has different problems that need to be dealt hard drive data recovery austin tx with by the external hard drive controller. Whoever handles this batch well will have the master hard drive data recovery average cost control.

  In the entire external hard drive market, the master has no position, and the black film is hard drive data recovery average price the dominant player.What price does a master control?What's the price of a nand flash for less than hard drive data recovery birmingham al 2 yuan?Therefore, the main control must follow the black film on the one hand, and the USB on the hard drive data recovery birmingham alabam a other hand. Therefore, the main control chip will lead the way for several months. There is no need hard drive data recovery birmingham uk for the external hard drive factory to have loyalty.

  However, at a deeper level, because the black hard drive data recovery boot disk film traders trace the source, there are only so many ways to come.What makes you even more wow is hard drive data recovery boston m a that large-scale black film traders no longer test and distribute, but form a large-scale black film hard drive data recovery brisbane northside test, after external hard drive PCBA processing, direct distribution of good PCBA and direct bulk hard drive data recovery buffalo ny orders for finished products.As a result, the entire external hard drive copycat industry chain is hard drive data recovery burbank c a shortened, professional and mature.

  For such a market, it is obviously not a healthy development market. hard drive data recovery cape town If the chip design company involved in it has only a single external hard drive controller chip, hard drive data recovery carmichael c a there is only one way out. Those who do not follow the black film will die, and the black film must hard drive data recovery charlotte nc die.