The External external hard drive cannot be recognized and the perfect repair tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-26 00:40

  Don't panic if you encounter a mobile hard disk that can't be recognized. It may be solved in a few indianapolis external hard drive data recovery simple steps. external hard drive Network encountered this problem. Suddenly a mobile hard disk innostor nand flash usb device recovery that has been used for 2 years is not recognized and can't be read. Data is priceless. How to fix this insert hp sparekey usb recovery key problem? Here is my experience of successful repair.

  First of all, we need to have some conditions inspiron 3670 bios recovery via usb for the following methods to be effective:

  1. After the mobile hard disk is connected to the install data recovery on usb computer, you can hear the sound of Dingdong's mobile device connection.

  2. After the mobile hard disk install cwm recovery without usb debugging is connected, you can hear the sound of the hard disk rotating, please listen carefully.

  3. You install el capitan from usb recovery can see the device status of the mobile hard disk in the device manager.

  4. The drive letter of the install hard drive dell recovery partitions mobile hard disk can't be seen in the Explorer (My Computer).

  5. Use the HDTune hard disk repair install recovered hard drive from drivesavers tool to test the read and write speed of the mobile hard disk.

  If the above conditions are met, install snow leopard recovery from usb it means that your mobile hard disk has no physical hardware failures. It means that it is good, but install twrp recovery on usb flash it is only a software problem. So where is the problem.

  The key to the problem is actually that the install windows 10 from recovery usb partition table is missing or wrong, follow the steps below to solve it.

  1. First, I changed a install windows 10 using recovery usb data cable, the result is invalid, indicating that it is not the problem of the data cable, although install windows 7 recovery disk usb I am invalid here, but yours may be the problem.

  2. Knowing that it is a partition table error, we install windows 8 with recovery usb need to use a hard disk partitioning software to solve this problem. It is DiskGenius Free Edition. install windows recovery environment on usb It is a domestic software that is very easy to use and powerful. We will use its partition table install windows xp recovery console usb repair here. Function.

  3. Execute DiskGenius after software download.exe can enter the main interface, installing windows 10 from recovery usb you can see the interface as follows

  4. The software can see all the hard drives in your computer, installing windows off a usb recovery you have to choose the mobile hard drive you want to repair, don't choose the wrong one.

  5. intel education administrator usb recovery tool Then click "Tools (T)" in the menu bar, continue to click "Search for lost partitions (rebuild partition internal and external hemorrhoid surgery recovery table)", as shown below

  6. After confirming, you will see the original partition of your disk, internal and external hemorrhoidectomy post recovery save the disk partition, save the changes, and you're done.

  7. Then close the software and plug in internal and external hemorrhoidectomy surgery recovery and out the USB cable again. At this time, you will find that the mobile hard disk is repaired and internal and external triggers in recovery all the data remains unchanged. Just solve it simply, try yours.