How to set up the external hard drive in the BIOS of the Colorful Motherboard[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-26 00:20

  How to set up the external drive in the BIOS of the Colorful Motherboard

  Some users are using the recover files on ssd hard drive require admin permissions Colorful CG41 motherboard, but when they reinstall the system, they find that they can't find the recover gs5 active with out screen and usb debugging USB boot item after entering the BIOS setting interface. How to solve this problem.Today, the editor recover hard drive accidentally reformatted from ntfs to ext4 will introduce to you the solution to this problem.

  Solution: Home of external drive

  one. First, recover hard drive data from 1 year yahoo answers insert the external drive that has been made with the U startup software into the USB port of the recover hard drive data with messed up operating system computer, restart the computer, and after the startup screen appears, press the "del" key to enter recover hard drive files with a sat ato usb the main BIOS setting interface. external hard drive Home

  two. Then find and confirm to enter: recover hard drive permission i o device error raw "Integrated peripherals"-"Onboard device"-"USB Configuration"-"USB2.0 Controller" (USB2.0 Controller), recover hard drive recover data from external hard drive change "Disabled" to "Enabled", then press "F10" to save and exit and restart the computer automatically. recover hard drive space restore factory defaults dell p24t USB home

  three. When the computer restarts and enters the boot screen, press the Esc key to recover license keys for installed software on hard drive enter the selection menu of the first boot sequence. At this time, you will find that the two options recover lost data from hard drive no longer recognizable that could only be selected "hard disk" and "CD drive" have now become three, one more "USB" mobile recover lost files on portable hard drive mac free device option now.

  Four. Press the arrow keys to move the cursor to the USB location, select it recover mac external lost volume using windows 10 free and press Enter, the computer will automatically restart and then enter the U boot external hard drive recover media broken phone galaxy s7 without usb debugging boot disk main menu interface, and then everyone can proceed to the external hard drive installation recover microsoft office key from hard drive windows 7 system. USB home

  Note ①: After the external hard drive is unplugged, even if we just set the recover music and video from corrupted external hard drive "USB2.0 Controller" is "Enabled". When we enter the boot sequence option, there will only be two options recover office 2010 product key from dead hard drive of "Hard Disk" and "Optical Drive", and the USB option will disappear, so we need to set the recover office 2013 product key from external hard drive external hard drive to boot Before starting up first, you must first insert the external hard drive into recover old external hard drive that is not loading the USB port of the host computer.

  Note ②: When restarting the computer under winpe, the sequence recover permanently deleted files from hard drive windows 7 of the first boot device will automatically return to the state where the hard disk is the first recover pictures from desktop hard drive using sata cable boot. After the computer is turned on again, it will not display the U boot main interface, but enter recover product key from failed hard drive win 8.1 the windows system. external hard drive Home

  one. Insert the USB bootable flash drive into the USB recover recycling bin files files from removed hard drive port of the host, then restart the computer, press the Del key to enter the BIOS setup main menu recover samsung galaxy s8 files from internal hard drive interface, and then select and open "Advanced BIOS Features"-"Hard Disk Drives" in turn ), the options recover save files from ps4 hard drive using pc inside are: "1st Drive" and "2nd Drive" two options, explanation: USB and hard disk can choose one recover saved network login password on dead hard drive of each other.

  two. Select "1st Drive" as USB [the actual display is the brand and model of the recover thunderbird deleted email with attachment from hard drive external hard drive], then "2nd Drive" will be automatically selected as the hard disk [the actual recover toshiba external hard drive deleted files without software display is the brand and model of the hard disk], and then press "Esc" to go back and open the "Boot recover ubuntu files from old hard drive using windows Device" Priority" menu interface, the original two options "1st Boot Device" and "2nd Boot Device" recover video and photos from external hard drive free will be changed from the original "Hard Disk/Optical Drive" selection to "external hard drive/Optical recover videos from a usb drive in windows 7 Drive" selection. USB home

  three. When "1st Boot Device" is selected as USB, press F10 to save and recover windows 10 key from a dead hard drive exit and restart automatically, the computer will automatically read the external hard drive and recover windows 10 product key from external hard drive boot from the external hard drive, but the boot will be slower, you can wait patiently, if you use this recover windows 10 product key from secondary hard drive method to enter The WinPE system booted by U, after restarting the computer in the WinPE system, recover windows 7 product key from external hard drive it will still return to the main menu of U boot external hard drive boot.

  This is the solution to recover windows 7 product key from old hard drive the problem that the colorful CG41 motherboard computer can't find the USB boot item after entering recover windows 8 product key from external hard drive the BIOS setting interface. If you encounter this problem, please try the above method.

  How to start recover windows activation key 8.1 from another hard drive the external drive in the BIOS of Colorful motherboard: