Lao Maotaos latest external hard drive boot disk creation tool tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-26 00:00

  Nowadays, many people want to install the system with a external drive, but it looks very simple running norton bootable recovery tool usb and I am very slim and don't know how to install it. Then, the following is a detailed introduction safe365 external hard drive data recovery to the old Maotao, which can be understood by novices, and it is completely one-click. Stupid installation safe365 external hard drive recovery key tutorial, friends who don't understand can leave a message below, I will answer for you as soon salt lake city hard drive recovery as possible.

  1. Preparation before production (note: back up the external drive data before samsung data recovery without usb debugging operation)

  1.Computer memory can't be less than 512MB

  2.external hard drive capacity is greater than samsung external hard drive data recovery 256MB

  3.[Old Maotao external hard drive Startup Disk Creation Tool]

  4.Prepare the GHOST system samsung external hard drive password recovery you need to install

  2. Install [Old Maotao external hard drive Boot Disk Creation Tool Build

  1: samsung external hard drive recovery software After the installation is complete, double-click the old [Old Maotao external hard drive Startup Disk samsung external hard drive recovery tool Creation Tool Build], the screen is as shown in the figure below: Insert your external hard drive

samsung hard drive data recovery software   2: Click the "One key to make a USB boot disk" button (note that important data is backed up before samsung hard drive data recovery tool operation)

  3: The production is successful, as shown in the figure below, you can eject your samsung j3 locked recovery data usb external hard drive at this time

  Note: Because the external hard drive system files are hidden, you samsung recovery solution 5 bootable usb will find that the space of the external hard drive will be reduced by about 150M, please don't worry samsung recovery solution 5 on usb about the failure of the production at this time

  3. Copy the system files to the external hard samsung recovery solution admin tool usb drive

  Create a new folder named GHO in the root directory of the made external hard drive, and rename samsung recovery solution new hard drive your prepared system to xp.gho and copy it to the GHO folder;

  4. Restart and enter the BIOS samsung s6 usb recover mode debugging settings to boot from the external drive (hint: please insert the external drive first, and then enter samsung s6 usb recovery mode debugging the BIOS)

  Press the "DEL" key on the first screen of the computer to enter the BIOS (maybe some hosts san antonio hard drive data recovery are not DEL and some are F2 or F1.Please follow the interface prompts to enter), select Advanced san diego hard drive recovery photos BIOS FEATURES, and set Boot Sequence to USB-HDD mode. First, the setting method is to press PageUP san jose hard drive data recovery or PageDown on this item to switch options.After setting, press ESC once to return to the main BIOS sandisk cruzer usb flash drive recovery interface, select Save and Exit (save and exit the BIOS settings, you can directly press F10, but not sandisk dual usb drive recovery drive all BIOS support) Enter to confirm and exit the BIOS settings.[Different models of bios settings]

  sandisk recover disk generator tool usb  The following picture shows the general BIOS interface:

  5. Enter [Lao Maotao external hard drive sandisk ultra usb 3 0 recovery Boot Disk Creation Tool] boot menu interface

  Click [Install GHO to the first partition of the hard sandisk ultra usb dead 3.0 recovery disk] to reinstall the system.

  Is it very simple and easy to use? If it is not easy to install GHO sandisk ultra usb dead retrieve files to the first partition on some computers, you can enter WINPE to install the GHOST system.